Are you willing to lead the way?

We are passionate about engaging America’s future leaders! We understand the need for student engagement among college campuses and as a result, launched a student initiative “Students Who ACT”.   

Our Students Who ACT Initiative aims to encourage freedom of speech through creative student activities that will unite conservative patriotic voices on campus, while educating fellow students on the ever so present threat to dissolve American values, liberties, and security.

The purpose of Students Who ACT is to be a counter voice to the politically correct climate that has consumed campuses across the United States by educating students about the threats posed to America's national security and to our democratic values.

As the only group on college campuses focused on promoting national security and defeating terrorism, “Students Who ACT”:

  • Lead the way in encouraging student participation in the defense of American values and liberties in their communities and on the state and federal level;
  • Further their peers’ education of ACT for America’s core issues including raising awareness of global Christian persecution;   
  • Combat extreme bias and intimidation by encouraging students to respond and exercise their Constitutional right to free speech;
  • Promote patriotism among fellow students.

Students help raise awareness through group activities such as holding educational events, staying active on campus with like-minded groups, attending the ACT for America National Conference, participating in social media campaigns, and working with the local ACT for America chapters.

Our goal is for Students Who ACT to be recognized as an official student group on at least 100 campuses by the end of 2017!

You in? Click HERE.