Swindling Statesmen: Modern Day Snake Oil Salesmen

Ever since Canada accepted nearly 12,000 refugees, concerns have been surfacing about discord between Muslim and Western value systems. Though 60 percent of Canadians living in the province of Ontario originally supported the decision to import Syrian refugees, 75 percent now think the immigrants’ central ideologies clash with their own. Only a third in that region have a positive perception of Islam. A majority of the citizens also believe that Islam promotes violence and hatred towards non-Muslims. It required first-hand exposure for Ontarians to strip the blinders that shaded their worldview for far too long.

We are in a time of detriment. Democracy and free-will are being clouded by a resurgent storm of “refugees,” whose thunderous demands are often granted by our corrupt lawmakers. As we open the floodgates and invite in a deluge of heedless illegals, America’s identity grows more ambiguous. If we alter our own culture so we can appease the foreigners who mock us, then who are we? If we continue down the slippery slope of submission in the name of political correctness, then what will we become? Will it take our nation hitting rock bottom to recognize we are being skillfully manipulated by radical Islam? 

Recently, a gang of 30 Somalian refugees marched the streets of an upscale Minneapolis neighborhood and snarled threats, such as kidnap and rape, at local residents. None of this is new. Prior misconduct has been reported regarding the perpetrators. Of course, no arrests or hate-crime charges have been considered by either the authorities or the Department of Justice.

This refugee program has been widely criticized due to insufficient assimilation over the last 30 years. In addition, at least three-dozen Somalians in the state of Minnesota have been charged with conspiracy to join terrorist organizations overseas since 2007.

Since 1992, the U.S. government has worked with the United Nations to permanently resettle more than 110,000 Somali refugees into dozens of U.S. cities, including Minneapolis, Columbus, San Diego, and smaller cities in Maine, Texas, Idaho, Washington, Georgia, Michigan, Colorado, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

The problem is that many of these refugees are young males who have an allegiance to ISIS. They come to America because it is very easy to do so. They bring terror to our homeland, and we allow them to walk right through our front door, with an abundance of resources at their disposal.

There is evil in the world, ladies and gentlemen. An extreme faction of Muslims, consisting of radical believers, continue to commit acts of violence against those who do not believe in the same values and faith.

As our law-abiding citizens are harassed in their own streets, the Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, requests that those who oppose these refugees “should find a new state.” This same governor is also a staunch enthusiast of the multicultural model that has fractured the European Union. Shame on Governor Dayton for not putting American lives ahead of those who wish to destroy our very existence. His first and most important job should be to protect those he serves.

These radicals know they are protected. They understand that our nation’s crooked government officials are their personal bullet-proof armor. In the eyes of a multiculturally-sensitive society governed by phony leaders, they can do no wrong. Immigration without assimilation does NOT equal a representation of our nation.

Succumbing to the delusional custom of political correctness is like rowing a boat with a slow leak. The consequences are gradual and inconspicuous, but deterioration is still occurring. The more the boat fills with water, the faster it sinks. This is what we have exhibited in Europe, and the initial stages are already visible here in the U.S. When stability is compromised, it is easier to chip away at our infrastructure; the process of destruction is accelerated. We are fighting an ongoing war between good and evil, yet our president consistently directs blame on irrelevant entities. Tragedy after tragedy, President Obama continues to exemplify the indisputable hallmarks of a fraud. Truly, he is a modern day snake oil salesman.

Just as the British commenced an unprecedented movement to untangle themselves from outsourced bureaucratic reign, we can do the same. It is time we extract the rose colored lenses our government has embedded into our wide-eyed society. Effective advocacy is a byproduct of high outrage, so the fate of our country resides in the will of the public. America is only as strong as its people, and the sooner we stop rewarding contempt and punishing patriotism, the sooner virtue prevails. When we choose to elect a president who respects and honors our God-given Constitutional rights, America wins.

There is something else that you can do to make a difference. Join ACT for America's Refugee Resettlement Working Group and help us protect our nation by addressing a dangerously broken U.S. refugee program. This deeply-flawed process is establishing pockets of refugees in our communities with inadequate screening, inadequate assistance to local governments, and inadequate efforts to assimilate refugees into American culture.  The American grassroots must act and act now.

Brigitte Gabriel is a terrorism analyst and a two times New York Times best-selling author of “Because They Hate” and “They Must Be Stopped”.  She is the Founder of ACT for America, the nation’s largest grassroots organization devoted to promoting national security and defeating terrorism.