Open Eyes Save Lives is about empowering Americans with tips, so they can report suspicious activities to the police. In San Bernardino, two radical Islamic terrorists murdered 14 and injured 22 others. Their neighbors noticed suspicious activity, but never spoke out for fear of being called a bigot. Following these tips, being aware of your surroundings, and taking action can help save lives.

Set Up an Open Eyes Save Lives table

- Set up your table in a public place or get permission from an owner
- Tape your Open Eyes Save Lives poster to the front of the table and place your materials on top
- Actively engage with people as they walk near your table

“Have you heard about the Open Eyes Save Lives campaign?”

- Introduce yourself and tell the person why you’re there
- Hand out our printable Open Eyes Save Lives fliers
- Invite people to sign-up and join your local chapter

Discuss safety training tips at your November/December chapter meeting

- Watch Brigitte Gabriel’s video:
- Invite a local police officer to your chapter meeting to discuss what suspicious activities to look out for and what you can do to help
- Email photos to and include a caption