ACT For America is here to make a difference, not just a statement. While all of these activities are geared towards being visible and vocal, we want to make it clear that this is also about being strategic. For the last couple of years, there have been countless marches, protests, and demonstrations some more successful than others. With sign-waving, our goal is not only to show visibility, but to get more people to join our movement. Your actions will inspire others, who may be wary of raising their voices.

Tips For A Successful Event

- Choose a public sidewalk, or overpass, near a busy road
- Goal is to reach the maximum amount of people
- Ask a friend to come with you
- Signs should have as few words as possible
- Wording should be succinct, bold, and big enough to read
- Always be polite and respectful
- Designate one person to take pictures
- Send photos to and include a caption

Sign Examples

"Securing the border is law and order"
"Americans come first"
"I support the travel ban"
"Back the Blue"
"I'm a national security voter"