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OH HB322

Regards the teaching of certain current events, race, and sex

In Committee
Crossed Over
Introduced Session

134th General Assembly

Bill Summary

To amend sections 3301.079, 3314.03, and 3326.11 and to enact sections 3313.6027, 3313.6028, and 3313.6029 of the Revised Code regarding the teaching of certain current events and certain concepts regarding race and sex in public schools.


Regards the teaching of certain current events


Brian Baldridge,Sara Carruthers,Jon Cross,Alessandro Cutrona,Bill Dean,Jay Edwards,Ron Ferguson,Sarah Fowler Arthur,Jennifer Gross,Thomas Hall,Adam Holmes,James Hoops,Marilyn John,Don Jones,Kris Jordan,Darrell Kick,Riordan McClain,Derek Merrin,Phil Plummer,Tracy Richardson,Craig Riedel,Dick Stein,Brian Stewart,Reggie Stoltzfus,Scott Wiggam,Paul Zeltwanger

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