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SEND A LETTER: University President Faces Critics After Supporting Israel
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Radical leftist California students at Pitzer College are calling for the resignation of their President, Melvin Oliver, for supporting the school’s foreign abroad trips to Israel. This comes after President Melvin Oliver issued a veto over a resolution passed by the student senators and a governing faculty body to suspend the trips to Israel. The resolution accuses Oliver and the college administration of being complicit in Islamophobia President Oliver stated that suspending the study abroad program in Israel would “foolishly alienate Jewish and non-Jewish constituents.” The resolution also criticizes the administration's decision to overturn a 2017 amendment enacting BDS regulations to student senate spending.  We cannot sit idly by on our hands and watch the youth of America become brainwashed. Fill out all of the required fields below and click "continue" to send an email of support to President Oliver for standing strong aganist anti-semitism and in support of Israel.