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China Must be INVESTIGATED & Held Accountable!
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The Chinese government continues to do everything in its power to blame the United States for the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

If any country is to blame for the creation and spread of this disease, it is China. It's impossible for us to know the true origin of this virus in China because China has refused to share information.

There are several possible scenarios about the origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus. We do know that Chinese secrecy and lies have made the crisis far worse.

One would have hoped the American media would play a role in helping with the virus and the panic surrounding it. Unfortunately, overreaction, panic, and even laying blame at our President's feet are the talking points of media outlets across the board.

All of this could have been prevented if the Chinese government had merely exercised its responsibility in containing this disease and sharing more information sooner.

This is why we MUST investigate China IMMEDIATELY -- they must be held accountable for their actions.

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China cannot get away with this, we must demand answers!

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