Attend a Town Hall 

     The United States is a Constitutional Republic, and the American people are represented by 535 Members of Congress. Since these representatives are voting for us, they need to hear from us. Usually, we do this by calling, emailing, and posting on social media. Besides visiting elected officials on Capitol Hill, attending town hall meetings is a great way to ask Members of Congress questions face-to-face. It is so critical that we are visible and vocal, so we can hold our representatives accountable for their votes. We hold them accountable at the ballot box and at town halls.

- Find a town hall near you.
- Mark your calendar & make a plan to attend a local town hall meeting
- Ask a friend to come with you
- Designate one person as the questioner & the other to film you speaking/take pictures
- Email your friends, Facebook, and/or tweet that you'll be attending the town hall (include event details)
- Email us at pictures@actforamerica to share your experience, as well as your videos/pictures