Experience demonstrates that children are more malleable than adults. Adults can be reasonably expected to be more able than children to distinguish between objective education and indoctrination. Therefore, what is taught to children in our public schools should be subjected to a higher standard of scrutiny in order to ensure that what is taking place in the classroom is “education” rather than “indoctrination.”

ACT for America’s report, “Education or Indoctrination The Treatment of Islam in 6th though 12th Grade American Textbooks” does not argue that Islam should not be taught in our public schools.

The major religions of the world are a significant part of our human history, and to exclude teaching about them impedes our understanding of who we are and why the world exists as it is. When it comes to the teaching of any religion, extra care should be exercised by textbook writers and teachers to ensure that what is being taught to their diverse student population is in fact “education” and not “indoctrination.”

Thus the question posed by our report: Does the manner in which religion is generally presented in 6th through 12th grade public school textbooks constitute proper and appropriate education or does it amount to indoctrination?