Stop the Border Invasion

Time to Exit the WHO World Health Organization and International Health Regulations Agreement!  

-Christine Reagan, National Grassroots Director. May 12, 2022

Biden Trick

The Biden Administration plans to empower the WHO Director-General to regulate and enforce United States Public Health Policy, including, but not limited to, the prevention and management of global pandemics.

The same power that Leftist Governors seized in the name of the Covid Pandemic, including Lockdowns of ‘non-essential’ businesses, Vaccine Mandates, Mask Mandates, and social distancing requirements in public and private settings….

Is the same power the Biden Administration is setting the stage to hand over governing power to a globalist World Health Organization!  

It’s time to exit the WHO and the IHR International Health Regulations Agreement! Don’t let the Administration suspend our civil liberties and constitutional protections in the name of global cooperation. The United States must govern the affairs of its citizenry within the strict framework of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, under the consent of the governed. 

Our November elections must run without foreign meddling and political gaming that allowed the 2020 general election to circumvent state elections laws and procedures, resulting in mass election fraud.    

Call on all elected officials to stop the Biden Administration’s IHR Amendment from being signed and delivered to the WHO in Geneva and Exit the WHO altogether! 

The Biden Administration has been caught violating the public notification process on a WHO International Health Regulation Amendment document. In addition, they are attempting to execute this document to be effective in only 6 months, starting in NOVEMBER (Midterms timeframe), instead of the standard 18 months.  

On the surface, this new IHR amendment is presented as administrational housekeeping in which ‘State’ members have the freedom to accept or reject cooperation at any time.  

But the Biden Administration would NEVER reject cooperation, would they?

The Biden narrative for November Midterms is already written! In the name of Covid, or another plandemic around the corner, we will be forced to continue or reinstate State Emergency Orders on Election Procedures including All Mail Voting and Drop Boxes on every street corner to ‘stop the spread’. The Administration will force this upon the country under the false authority this IHR amendment provides.  

We can no longer compromise or allow suspension of our Civil Liberties and Constitutional protections under the guise of protecting public health! 

On Covid, the WHO and our own CDC got it wrong more than they got it right and they continue to call for unconstitutional policies to mitigate ‘the spread’, putting them in direct opposition with our Constitution.  

At the state level, we allowed our election procedures to be suspended and it resulted in Big Tech tools and treasure to flood into battleground states, exploiting the vulnerabilities intentionally created by political operatives to dramatically impact the outcome of elections, including many mechanisms that would allow unhindered and hard to detect voter fraud with mail ballots and drop boxes!

We the People Do Not Consent to this Amendment!

Let’s send a loud and unified message to every state Governor, Attorney General, State Lawmaker, US Congressman and US Senator to pull this amendment! 

We’ve allowed the Left to push us WAY OVER the line! It’s time to push the Left back to 1776 Principles and hit the reset button! 

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EXIT the World Health Organization and the IHR International Health Regulation Agreement!

Failure is not an option! If we fail to ACT NOW and enlist every citizen, we know to do the same, we could be looking at another One-Party Takeover this fall!


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