A Southern Border National Security Alert!

Record Breaking Terror Watch List Apprehensions at the Southern Border Now at 50 Individuals in 6 Months of 2022, compared to 26 in the previous 5 years combined! 


A total of 15 apprehensions occurred in the month of May alone!


“It only took 13 terrorists to bring America to her knees on 9/11!” -Brigitte Gabriel.


Border Patrol estimates 440,000 ‘Got Aways’ since last October, averaging 1800 known illegal crossings a day!


To add to the record breaking numbers, in May we saw 239,000 known illegal crossings, the HIGHEST in DHS History! 


“I’m concerned that the next terrorist attacker is already in the United States because of this administration’s open border policies,” -Matt Morgan, Former CBP Commissioner


In the last 3 months, we have seen over 200,000 illegal crossings a month.


Since October, we have seen over 1.5 million illegal crossings.


We have apprehended 459 Gang Affiliates, surpassing last year’s apprehensions by 32% year to date!


“​How many watch-listed individuals have entered the United States amidst the chaos at our southwest border​?​” 

- Rep. John Katko, Homeland Security Committee


What about the American humanitarian crisis caused by the Biden Administrations Open Border Policy?! 


We can’t afford not to FINISH THE WALL!

Terrorism * Crime * Job Losses * Inflation * Taxes
*Fentanyl * Election Security* Replacement Migration


What is the COST of this catastrophic failure to secure our borders? The average monthly Illegal Crossings is estimated at 300,000 individuals at a Cost of 27 BILLION!


The Border Patrol can’t possibly secure 1954 miles of border without a WALL and high-tech surveillance technology; technology collecting dust rusting away in fields and warehouses UNDEPLOYED! Let’s give them a fighting chance to secure our borders and secure our nation!


Let’s Stop Terrorism and Finish the Wall!


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