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 “Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and show the whole world that a freeman, contending for liberty on his own ground, is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth.” -George Washington

George Washington praying at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778. Against all odds. Their currency worthless to buy food and supplies. Freezing, starving, and plagued by disease. Thousands dying away from family and the comforts of home. Winter made roads impassable. Steadfast and resolute, the soldiers that survived to Spring were supplied. 


“As it was ye Crisis, and the cause of the country, of humanity and of the world.” -Isaac Potts


Their next winter of 1778-1779, was one of the coldest on record and described as “intensely cold and freezing” in Morristown, New Jersey. Starvation drove soldiers to eat tree bark, shoe leather, and dogs to quiet the hunger pangs while they struggled for survival.  


They could have thrown in the towel, waved the white flag, made a truce, and returned home to a warm home, family, and food on the table! 


Our brave forefathers understood the cost of freedom and were willing to pay any price to secure it! 


We may feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the constant barrage of policy induced crisis after crisis by the Left. 


Perhaps you feel exhausted by the constant assault on our constitutional liberties and the ‘woke’ culture war dividing and tearing our children, families, workplaces, and society apart. 


We are in a crisis designed by the Left to dismantle our country and replace our government with a Democratic Socialist regime! 


Their goal is to intimidate, persecute, and exhaust us to the point of despair and disengagement from voting and participating in civic life. 


Their worst nightmare is local grassroots movements who monitor and hold elected officials accountable, who engage in shaping policy through grassroots pressure on elected officials, and they definitely don’t want us at the polls to vote or observe to secure our elections. Beyond that, they want you to stay home, be quiet about your politics, and never engage in getting out the vote for ‘America First’!  


The value of our US Dollar declines as inflation rises. Nearly half the country is experiencing gut wrenching decisions to buy food for the family or fill the gas tank to get them to work. Baby formula, food, medicine, and critical supply chain shortages are becoming the norm. 

We are facing the rationing of gas, diesel, diesel oil, energy, food, medicine, and water. 


This is an intentional and predictable outcome from the Biden Administration to bring America to its knees and force us to submit and transition to a new form of Government and Government control. 


They will take power through any means possible, and they don’t care about the lower- and middle-class families that are harmed by their failed policies! In fact, they are the target. 


Sadly, much of the Left’s power was realized by the vacancies and voids left by a disengaged conservative Right. 


And like the crisis that George Washington and his soldiers faced, “the cause of the country, humanity, and of the world” are at stake. 


There’s still time to join in and save America!


We are still alive, still on our feet, and we will not bow or bend the knee in surrender! We carry the torch of liberty, and it is still burning bright in all of us! 


Today we still have the freedom to live, love, build, grow, dream, create, serve, give, and worship how we choose. 


Let’s fight for our families, our neighbors, our country…. for one another, while there’s still time!


“The time to act is now.” And these times do not yet require the painful sacrifices our forefathers endured! Let’s fight while we still have the time, energy, and resources!


Join the Movement!     Fund the Movement!


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