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Disney Animated Children’s Series ‘Baymax’ Features Transgender ‘Man’ Who Menstruates

29 Jun 20222,234

In Disney’s latest effort to smuggle transgender ideology into its entertainment for kids, the new animated Disney+ series Baymax features a transgender “man” who menstruates and gives advice on which maxi pad to buy — “the one with wings.”


Baymax, which began streaming Wednesday on Disney+, follows the adventures of the balloon-like robot from the 2014 movie Big Hero 6 who is on a mission to serve as good samaritan to the residents of the fictional city San Fransokyo.

The transgender character appears in episode three titled “Sofia,” in which Baymax assists a 12-year-old girl who experiences her first period.


When a mortified Sofia barricades herself in a gender-neutral restroom at school, Baymax offers to buy her “menstrual hygiene materials.” At the store, Baymax is bombarded by suggestions from helpful shoppers, including a transgender character who is wearing a transgender-flag shirt.


“I always get the one wings,” the trans “man” tells Baymax.


The scene was first reported by journalist Christopher Rufo.


Watch below:

The episode concludes with Sofia regaining her sense of confidence and performing at a school talent show.


The Walt Disney Co. has come under fire after videos obtained by Rufo showed company leaders bragging about  promoting an LGBTQ agenda to young children through the studio’s entertainment.


Disney CEO Bob Chapek has dedicated the company to radical LGBTQ activism and has promised to continue fighting Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, saying the company will work to get the legislation repealed.


The company is inserting transgender and gender non-conforming characters into its entertainment for children. Disney’s Marvel superhero series Loki recently revealed that its title character is “gender fluid.” 


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