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The Dem’s are Throwing Fuel on Our Inflation Inferno with a Fake ‘Inflation Reduction’ Bill!


Serving Up a Giant Pork Sandwich Loaded with Taxes, Doubling of IRS, Green Energy, Climate, MORE Obamacare Funding, and Socialist Salad! 

As inflation spirals out of control, with no end in sight, the Left wastes no time exploiting their opportunity to go for the jugular and deliver a death blow to our economy under the guise of Build Back Better, Energy Security, Climate Emergency, and Inflation Reduction! 


“We will spend and spend,

and tax and tax,

and elect and elect.”

-President Roosevelts ‘New Deal’ Advisor


Inflation is costing the average American $7620 this year and climbing!  


2 out of 3 Americans are now spending their savings to survive!


The Left is waging war on the working class, the US Economy, the US Dollar, and US Sovereignty!


What’s in this Juggernaut 433 Billion Inflation Spend and Tax Bill?


-$369 Billion on Energy and Climate Spending

  • Green Loan Guarantees
  • Double the Number of IRS Agents to Conduct Audits
  • Environmental Justice Initiatives
  • Tax Credits for Wealthy Families to Buy Electric Vehicles
  • Conserve Coastal Habitats
  • Plant Trees

-$64 Billion Extension on Obama’s “Affordable” Care Act


According to FORBES and the Penn Wharton Budget Model, there is no expectation this bill would have ANY impact on reducing inflation!


The Dem’s claim this bill will generate $739 Billion in Revenue, covering the cost of spending, and applying the balance to reducing our deficit by $300+ billion. They are lying to the American Taxpayers!


Stop Spending America into Oblivion! 


Biden’s 1.9 trillion dollar Socialist Infrastructure and Covid Relief spending bills combined with shutting down energy independence destroyed Americas economy! 


There Must be Consequences for Tax and Spend Elected Officials. Sign this Bill and You’re Out of Politics for Good!



Time to Put America First!


  • A Strong Sovereign ‘America First’ National Policy
  • A Strong Economy
  • A Strong US Dollar
  • A Strong Jobs Market
  • A Strong, Energy Independent Nation and Low Energy Prices
  • A Strong National Security Strategy
  • A Strong Border and Immigration Enforcement
  • A Strong Community of Law and Order
  • A Strong Constitutionally Observed Free Society



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