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Our Message to Educators: 

Reform or Close Your Doors


Essential Education Reform is SO MUCH BIGGER than Critical Race Theory. We need comprehensive reforms now!


Public education has been seized by an organized, militant Marxist-Socialist movement targeting our children during the most vulnerable years of their lives. They have implemented a series of social engineered programs that are designed to dismantle our traditional American values and societal norms to erase and replace our American culture in ONE GENERATION.  


Radicals are exploiting grade school children knowing a child’s intelligence, emotional stability, and personality are forming through these PRECIOUS early years of development.  


Children between the ages of 6 to 12 begin forming concrete thoughts on the world around them. Children between the age of 12-18 think abstractly, consider many points of view, and are particularly vulnerable to emotional manipulation to change their personal views on faith, morality, and society. 


By middle-school age, children begin to set permanent, life-long views on faith and morality, and statistics prove few will change direction after this point. 


These radicals, planted within our education system, turn up the heat around 5th grade, challenging foundational traditional values, morality, sexual behavior, and social norms. They strategically mold their minds for rebellion, doubt, and woke cultism that pits individuals against the woke collective. If children want to survive public school, they are forced to violate their conscience, living out their FRAGILE personal values and faith under cover to avoid being ostracized by the woke cult and singled out by radical teachers. NOW schools are implementing these programs to all age groups, integrating them into every subject like reading, writing, and mathematics! 


We are training our children to live a secret identity and ‘get along’ to receive an education, and in so doing, we are training them in a lifelong pattern of quiet surrender.   


Now our children are left defenseless against Pre-K through 12th Grade social engineering that includes: 


· Title IX Policy Amendments requiring the allowance of                transgender children to utilize facilities including restrooms,        showers, and changing areas 

· Gender Fluidity and Pronoun Policy without parental consent

· Student encouragement to see the school nurse and                    receive off-campus escort to obtain birth control and                  abortion procedures without parental consent 

· Student encouragement to explore transgender identity,              receive counselling and off-campus medical treatment                without parental consent

· Pornographic education materials, videos, and library both          that educate on all forms of human sexuality and practices          without parental consent


Parents and grandparents who grew up in this same education system have largely remained silent and disengaged, feeling helpless, voiceless, and powerless BECAUSE they were preconditioned to ‘go along’ and not rock the boat. Many parents are still in the dark about what is really going on in local public schools or they simply don’t know what to do about it. 


Children, by nature, are trained and biologically designed to please those in authority and seek acceptance from peers to maintain social harmony. In bygone days, you see God’s design on our children who are VERY moldable and naturally model after their parents, their family members, and their community. Our children need to feel safe, accepted, and nurtured, and these radicals are stepping into the void, every day, to impress upon our children a radical ideology, social construct, and immoral belief system that is destroying our children, our communities, and our nation.


And we are letting them get away with it!     


Everyone in your community is paying property taxes that are funding these public indoctrination centers and everyone in the community needs to work together to reform public education and provide a way out through School Choice for All! 


Let’s transform our ‘Lord of the Flies’ Public Education System back into an American Values institution that creates well educated, patriotic, free thinking, model citizens molded to contribute and improve our nation and society, not tear it down!  


Today is the day we advocate on behalf of our nation’s children and our nation’s future!


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