~Facebook’s Zuckerberg confesses to FBI collusion to interfere in the 2020 general election by censoring verifiable news on the authenticity of the Hunter laptop


~NY Post Published Verifiable Evidence that the Hunter Laptop was Authentic and Contained Three Weeks Prior to the 2020 General Election!


~ The cache of files detailed how the president’s son used his family name and the attendant political connections as leverage in overseas business dealings.


~A recent Rasmussen survey revealed that almost half of Americans (48%) believe Trump would have won a second term if the media had fully reported on the laptop’s revelations rather than ignoring and attempting to suppress them.


~Facebook, Zuckerbucks and Dark Money Colluded in ‘Get Out the Vote” Scheme, Affecting Outcomes in Battleground County and State Elections by as much as 30%! 


~The laptop’s veracity was corroborated last week in a New York Times report — triggering outrage from Republicans who accused Big Tech, Democrats, and the liberal media of colluding to censor the news so that Biden could defeat President Donald Trump.

79% say ‘truthful’ coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop would have changed 2020 election

NY Post | Bruce Golding | August 26, 2022


Nearly four of five Americans who’ve been following the Hunter Biden laptop scandal believe that “truthful” coverage would have changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, according to a new poll.


President Biden describes MAGA Republicans as “Semi-Fascists”!


A similar percentage also said they’re convinced that information on the computer is real, with just 11% saying they thought it was “created by Russia,” according to the survey conducted by the New Jersey-based Technometrica Institute of Policy and Politics.


And an even higher number — 81% — said US Attorney General Merrick Garland should appoint a special counsel to investigate matters related to the first son’s infamous laptop, the existence of which was exclusively revealed by The Post in October 2020.


The poll results, published Wednesday, are based on responses from 437 adults who said they were following the laptop story “very” or “somewhat” closely when they were surveyed online earlier this month, according to the TIPP.


On the subject of the 2020 election, 79% overall said it was “very” or “somewhat” likely that “a truthful interpretation of the laptop” would have resulted in the reelection of former President Donald Trump instead of the election of President Biden.  


Among Republicans, 57% were strongly convinced Trump would have won, compared to 48% of independents and just 44% of Democrats.

But majorities in both parties — 89% of Republicans and 61% of Democrats — said they believed the laptop “is real,” along with 74% of independents.


The poll results, derived from an initial survey of 1,335 adults, have a “credibility interval” of plus or minus 4.8 percentage points, according to the TIPP.


The outfit, which has accurately predicted every presidential election since 2004, is among the handful that forecast Trump’s 2016 upset victory over Hillary Clinton.


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