Act for America needs you!


We will always need you.


But we need you now more than ever. 


As Biden’s cronies attempt to rig the Mid-Term Elections by weaponizing 600 federal agencies in a one-party takeover election scheme… 


There’s something SO SIMPLE that we can do to win this fall, despite this unlawful federal violation under the Anti-Deficiency Act!


Vote. We just need to show up and vote!


Local Elections see turnouts as low as 6% of registered voters!  


Mid-Terms voter turnouts are as low as 40%!


The 2020 Federal Turnout was 67% but the Faith Community still averages only 55%!


If we drive voter turnout and just show up, we WIN! BIG!  


There’s no algorithms, phantom votes, or ballot harvesting and trafficking that can overcome a full force effort to turn out voters!


With your help, we might just have a fighting chance at turning our country around and keep us heading in the right direction.


That’s why I am asking you to make a generous September gift right away.


America didn’t earn her independence because of think tanks or clever technology…


…America won the war for our independence because of patriots that threw real elbow grease and personal treasure to the cause of freedom.  


Patriots who risked all to secure the dream of freedom for their families and neighbors, because the cause of freedom is worth every penny and minute of sacrifice.


Patriots who would rather die then bend the knee to tyrants.


Those brave patriots built our great country –and you can help restore and make America greater than ever!


Together we can win but we must do more than educate; we must organize and mobilize a real grassroots force for change.


That’s why I hope you’ll rush us your September donation and give Act for America the financial resources to do the real work on the frontlines.


When Act for America fights, we do far more than educate and talk at the big problems, we ACT and MOBILIZE to solve the problem.


You know my story. Born out of the ashes of 9/11, realizing the same radicals that destroyed Lebanon were at work against our country. And now we face destructive radicals within my adoptive country, the ‘American Dream’ that I call home! 


We have a lot of work ahead of us this fall and we must work fast.


Together we can hold these radicals accountable for destroying our nation and ensure true patriots are representing us.


With your help, we might just have a fighting chance at turning our country around and keep us heading in the right direction.


Always Devoted,

Brigitte Gabriel

P.S. I thank you in advance for your generous support.


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