We need your help!


Biden’s Army of 600 Federal Agencies are engaged in a partisan ‘Get Out the Vote’ scheme! 


And that’s not all! Zuckerberg, Dark Money, Big Tech, and Leftwing Grassroots is mobilizing a coordinated effort with the Biden Administration, unleashing unlimited millions of dollars towards targeting, propagandizing, and steering unlikely voters, illegal voters, and left-wing registered voters to vote this Midterm election!   


How do we overcome this? 


WE ALL VOTE this Fall!

Act for America is launching a ‘Vote America’ Midterm Election ‘get out the vote’ rescue plan and we need EVERYONE to help drive this effort!


Voter turnout in the last Midterm Election was a low 50%. The US National Turnout graph shows general election peaks and midterm elections valleys.


This Fall let’s break a record and turn out voters and overwhelm the Left’s efforts to overthrow our Republic!  

There’s no algorithms, phantom votes, or ballot harvesting and trafficking that can overcome a full force effort to turn out voters!


Right now, half the folks you bump into won’t vote this Fall UNLESS we work together to change this!  


If we want to win this November and save America, EVERY citizen must verify they are registered to vote before the upcoming registration deadline AND vote in-person on election day! Did you move since the last election, you must verify your registration information is accurate and qualified in your new district.


-Mid-Terms voter turnouts as low as 40%!

-Local Elections see turnouts as low as 6% of registered voters!  

-The 2020 Federal Turnout was 67% but the Faith Community still averages only 55%!


We are on a deadline with states requiring updated voter registration online or in-person 15-30 days prior to the election!




Verify your Voter Registration Status!




EVERYONE Acts as Voter Registration facilitators and help get out the vote! 


Share Now! 




Truth Social




Post saved image to all your accounts with a link to the voter registration site. Ask your family and friends to VERIFY AND VOTE! Include links to your favorite voter guides and scorecards. Share this email on social media to inform and mobilize using the copy link at the top of this page. 


Help post to every like-minded group beyond your friends, family, and followers! 


Pass out Voter Guides and Scorecards for your local ballots! Make it easy for everyone around you to vote up and down the ballot, leaving nothing to chance. If all conservatives voted on local elected offices, we would rarely see a radical activist School Board, City Council, Mayor, District and Prosecuting Attorney, Judge, Election Clerk, and so on! Why? Because these radicals are elected by as little as 7% of local registered voters! We’ve got to show up! 


HOUSES OF WORSHIP! Let’s change the national faith-based voter turnout of 55% to 100%! Set up tables in your courtyards and organize volunteers to wear lanyards, hand out flyers, and display scannable Vote America! graphics and help your entire congregation confirm they are registered in their district to vote! Hand out voter guides and scorecards that reflect your values to aid your congregation on how to vote their values on the ballot!  


Write us at info@actforamerica.org for more information, material resources, and assistance!  


With your help, we might just have a fighting chance at turning our country around and keep us heading in the right direction.

Big Tech is attempting to silence us! If you receive a false security warning, click here to confirm safety score.    


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