The Muslim Brotherhood (Al-Ihkwan al-Muslimun) can be summarized as the mothership of Islamic terrorism.

This Islamist network is an overarching motricity which unifies a variety of different factions and sects of Islamic terrorist organizations worldwide.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the oldest terrorist organization in the world and still wields an incredibly dangerous amount of influence and power across the globe.

The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928 in Egypt, is a militant, pro-sharia law organization that has used both violent and non-violent means to achieve its ultimate goal of restoring the Muslim caliphate and the glory of the Islamic empire.

Contrary to Western stereotypes about Islamic terrorist organizations, the Muslim Brotherhood is as sophisticated and intelligent as it is deadly. Osama Bin Laden, a wealthy and well-educated engineer was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, along with current Al-Qaeda leader and Surgeon Ayman al Zawahiri. Doctoral scholar and Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is also one of the many Islamic terrorist heads that pledge allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood.

What makes the Brotherhood particularly dangerous is their cunning strategy to infiltrate and destroy Western civilization from within.

Decades ago, the Brotherhood developed a plan to destroy the Western world from within its borders. This task was dubbed “The Project” and outlined in an eighteen-page comprehensive plan that charts the groundwork of jihadists for establishing an Islamic government in North America.

The Muslim Brotherhood has since spawned dozens and dozens of organizations across the globe, including the terrorist organizations al Qaeda and Hamas. Today, numerous Muslim organizations in America are either actively connected to the Muslim Brotherhood or owe their existence to the jihadist group.

Learn more about this violent jihadist group at Brotherhood Unmasked.

The Muslim Brotherhood education expose is an online dossier that provides information on all significant Muslim Brotherhood-related organizations in America, as well as cross referencing to show the connections between the various organizations through their leaders, board members, locations and the like. This provides an unprecedented “one-stop shop” for anyone interested in researching the Muslim Brotherhood web in America.

ACT for America encourages all patriotic citizens to contact their federal representatives immediately and urge them to officially designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.