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Let’s spread holiday hope and cheer and ACT for America®!

Many are holding their breath, praying the Biden OSHA mandate ‘jab for job’ scheme will be defeated, and they won’t lose their jobs in January.

The Senate already did the heavy lifting and voted to end the Biden OSHA Vaccine Mandate last week. Now it’s up to the Senate and the House to deliver the final death blow by striping OSHA's funding for vaccine mandates.  

So take 10 minutes and
Fire Fauci, Defund and End the OSHA Mandate, and Stop Illegal Payoffs and spread hope across the land!




If you receive a FALSE SECURITY WARNING, corporate tech tyrants are attempting to silence you!

There is an asserted effort by tech giant gods like Gmail, Microsoft, and McAfee are targeting conservative organizations, coding a false security warning that our website is not safe; Do not fall for their lies

The ACT NOW™ links take you to our website which is safe and secure! Together we will defeat the tyrannical socialists who are trying to silence our voices.

Bring Hope This Holiday Season!
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ACT For America is the 501 (c) (4) sister organization of ACT For
America Education, an educational organization founded in 2002.
ACT For America does not support candidates or political parties,
but it may promote issues or specific pieces of legislation.

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