Power to Shape the Nation at Your Fingertips!
Believe Your Voice Matters
“2% of the passionate will always rule
the 98% indifferent” 
-Brigitte Gabriel 

The fact is our representatives do not hear from the ‘represented’ nearly enough. 

We might contribute to getting a conservative elected to office by voting. Others might volunteer for voter registration, canvassing, poll watching, or donate to candidates; all very important to our cause. 

But once in office, they are largely left alone to perform their duty as representatives, without receiving direct feedback from the folks that hired them to represent. 

Daily, they are bombarded with groups and individuals with their own private agendas, values, and self-interests. 

The question is, are they hearing from you? 

One of the most common expressions lawmakers tell us is, “I rarely hear from our side”, and when they hear from us, it’s often not enough to counter the opposing view!

Most conservatives are unaware of how political battles are fought and won! They are largely unaware of how CRITICAL it is that each of us voices our position on issues we want our representatives to fight for, on our behalf. 

The old way of doing things has done nothing to secure our elections, end unlawful mandates, restore our economy, stop Iran from acquiring nukes, or secure our borders and end the immigration crisis! And much more needs to be done to stop this one-party takeover! 

We ALL must change our ways of engaging in political action to create accountability and true representation. 

ACT NOW on your smartphone and keyboard and become the most effective grassroots activist in the nation! 

Moving our lawmakers simply requires a passionate 1-2 million to tip the scales! 

ACT for America members are now over 1.5 MILLION strong today!

If every ACT Member dedicated themselves to click on every ACT NOW campaign, together we would drive nearly all policy making in our state and nation! 

We the People have the power to shape our nation through our voice!


We all have a couple of minutes a day to click and make our voice heard and counted! 

We’ve built our legislative action tool for the busiest patriot, giving you a direct line to your lawmakers at your fingertips. 

Together we will make a real impact and change the direction of our nation! 

Believe your voice matters! We believe in you, and we are counting on you to stand with us and click to fight for policies that make America greater! Will you support our efforts to hire state legislative specialists to expedite our legislative action in your state? 

In the weeks ahead, we are launching the nation’s most ambitious legislative campaign initiative to Secure Our Elections™ through legislation, beginning with every battleground state. Don’t miss state campaigns that need your help!

We are going to need your help to build the grassroots groundswell advocate army in your community, state, and nation. 

We need every conservative individual and organization registered to receive our email action alerts, and to commit to acting together to Secure Our Elections in 2022 and Beyond! 

Secure Our Elections 

Let’s gather our friends and family and ask them to join us and CLICK AWAY!


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