Why We Need Voter ID in Every State Now!
Voter ID in Every State Now!
Voter ID in Every State Now!
Are Illegals interfering with US elections?

By Christine Reagan
ACT National Grassroots Director 

Most voters have assumed that there are appropriate security mechanisms in place in to ensure only US Citizens and eligible voters are voting in our general election. 
We’ve known for some time that illegal aliens can acquire a driver’s license or state-issued identification card, allowed at polling stations. 

Supposedly the solution, that both Republicans and Democrats promote, is the REAL ID, indicating ‘Federal Limits Apply’ that restrict poll workers from accepting this form of ID to vote, while also making our roads safer. 

We decided to dig in and find out what security is truly in place in all 50 states to ensure it’s easy to vote, but hard to cheat, and whether the REAL ID provided a real solution to our election security at the polls. 

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Here’s what we uncovered!

Only 5 states feature citizenship status on their drivers license or state issued identification card including Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, and Wisconsin. If those 5 states strictly required one of these two forms of ID at the polls, we could be assured that only eligible citizens voted in these states. 

Unfortunately, only the State of Alabama requires a legal form of identification that also requires proof of citizenship and they do not accept inferior forms of ID to vote in their state. 

49 States Do Not Prevent 
Non-Citizens from Registering
to Vote or Voting at the Polls!

This leaves us with 49 States that DO NOT have any security as it relates to proof of citizenship to vote. We are relying on the honor system, without oversight and accountability. 

49 states allow inferior forms of identification at the polls that do not verify citizenship status, including Employee ID Cards, Student ID cards, a Fishing License, Bank Statements, Credit Cards with or without a photo, social security cards, and other absurd forms of identification. 

Illegal aliens have been estimated to be as many as 22 million+ and 7% of our total population residing in the United States. 

All of them have easy access to cast a vote on election day with TOO EASY TO VOTE, TOO EASY TO CHEAT alternative forms of identification. 

Illegals tend to live in large, competitive swing counties where we are also experiencing Zuckerbuck Get Out the Vote campaigns to increase unlikely and unregistered voters to turn out. Their percent to the total population, in some counties, can be in the double digits and can greatly impact election outcomes.

When our election security task force volunteers comb through voter registration rolls, we can not determine citizenship eligibility, only whether they vote more than once, or if they were disqualified to serve on a jury (non-citizens and felons fail), or whether they voted in the wrong district due to change of address. 

We rely on that initial voter registration security process, that issues an individual voter their unique voter registration ID, and this process is failing us in 49 states.


We Strive to Drive Solutions!

Most Americans surveyed across multiple polling organizations has proven wide, non-partisan approval to require a legal photo identification at the polls. 

The American People must call upon our lawmakers to act today to Secure Our Elections through State Issued Voter ID. 

The arguments from the left that claim we are making it impossible for some underprivileged groups to vote, are the same people that already acquired state issued ID’s, Social Security Cards, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and more, and already possess all the documentation they need to prove eligibility. 

The cost for the state to issue free voter identification cards is minimal and, in most cases, will reduce costs associated with election expenses. 

We Need 2 Million Actions Taken! 
Together We Will Shape Policy
and Drive REAL Election Reform 
In All 50 States!


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