Our Children Face a Dire Future
Our Defenses are Simple


Our Children Face a Dire Future!

ACT for America

I would give my life today if it would guarantee my children’s freedoms tomorrow. But we aren’t being asked to give our lives to secure their freedom. 

Our country is falling apart. People are asking a simple question: What can I do? 

ACT For America makes it easy for everyone to become a powerful voice with the click of a button. In today's technological age your one click can shape national policy and influence your elected officials. 

We notify you about bills in your state coming down for a vote. You can share with your friends and together put your elected officials on notice. 

Most people can give two hours a week, gather few friends and start a chapter and lead your community to victory.
Start a Chapter.

If you attend a church start an "ACT In Faith" Chapter to be salt and light ministry to serve and impact your community. Start an Act in Faith Church Chapter and Invite Brigitte Gabriel to speak!

Most of us can afford to give the price of a cup of coffee, or a little more, to support real grassroots to defend and shape our culture and public policy

Did you know that local grassroots, the most effective instrument of change, is the least funded by conservatives?!

What do we want our children’s future to look like? 

The answer and outcome is in your hands and mine. 

Become a Monthly Supporter to plant and equip chapters in every county, in every state across the country!

Become a Monthly Supporter to fight for election security reforms in all 50 states through legislative specialists!

Help us fight CRT, gender wars, and the sexualization of our children in public education!

Help us fight for law and order and make America safe again!

Help us fight this Woke Marxist culture war!

Help us fight the battle on the ground, where it counts the most!

Let’s fight together for our children and grandchildren!

Brigitte Gabriel


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