A Healthy Representative Government Begins with the Church Acting as Salt and Light, Expressing Our Values to Our Policy Makers, Government Leadership, and Local Law Enforcement to Deliver Real Impact to Safeguard our Faith, Families, City, and Nation!

Form an ACT in Faith Chapter at your church, utilizing effective grassroots expertise to activate and mobilize your church for real community, state, and federal impact today!


Start an ACT in Faith Chapter


ACT For America is the nation’s premier grassroots movement dedicated to preserving America’s culture, sovereignty, and security.


We unite and network conservative patriots at the local level to resist the Left’s assault against our Republic. We educate, train, and mobilize citizens to strategically organize on the local level.


Our groups are winning critical battles including Election Integrity, Law and Order, National Security, and the “Woke Culture War.”


Start a chapter and become a part of a premier national movement with access to strategic campaigns, action alerts and resources. Get connected and networked with like-minded groups nationwide. Participate in conferences and special events. Maximize and accelerate strategic impact in your city and state TODAY!