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America’s Choice: Open Borders vs. Safe Borders

Last night’s Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton illustrated perfectly, the two contrasting choices facing our nation. One candidate puts Americans first, and the other seeks to flood our country with massive waves of un-vetted Islamic refugees. Prior to the debate, as the media obsessed over comments made by Donald Trump on an audio tape from over 10 years ago, little attention was paid to the revelations made by WikiLeaks that Hillary Clinton desires an “Open Borders” society.

America First: Why Pence Dominated Kaine

The recent Vice Presidential debate could not have made the two choices in this upcoming election any clearer. On one end was a smug, politically correct elitist named Tim Kaine, and on the other, a calm, charismatic patriot named Mike Pence.

The Topography of Martyrdom: Peace, Chaos, and the Cycle of Seeking

With the frenetic speed at which suicide jihadist attacks are taking place, it’s understandable that the media’s narrative remains the same. Only a superficial level of understanding can be derived as attacks increase in frequency and the public’s window of interest narrows. In fact, the common citizen now find themselves with  “another machete attack” mindset as the media splashes some basic facts and moves on to something of greater interest.