This bill promotes Anti-Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) of American Allies, which includes Israel.

This bill is common-sense legislation. This bill seeks to stop purchasing and commerce restrictions aimed at our allies, such as Israel and any member of NATO. This bill will outlaw the boycotting of any allied nation of the United States.

It will outlaw any persons and corporations from participating in or encouraging others in any activity resulting in the abstaining from commercial, social or political relations of the affected ally. This would also apply to U.S. companies based in allied nations or in territories controlled by allied nations with intent to penalize that nation or product.

State Year Bill #
Alabama 2016 SB 81
Arizona 2016 HB 2617
Arkansas 2017 SB 513
California 2016 AB 2844
Colorado 2016 HB 16-1284
Florida 2016 SB 86/HB 527
Georgia 2016 SB 327
Illinois 2015 SB 1761
Indiana 2016 HB 1378
Iowa 2016 HF 2331
Michigan 2016 HB 5822
New Jersey 2016 A925
Ohio 2016 HB 476
Pennsylvania 2016 HB 2107
Rhode Island 2016 H7736
South Carolina 2015 H 3583
Texas 2017 HB 89