ACT for America grassroots activists are the true "Pavement Patriots" in America, and our chapters exist to educate, engage, and mobilize citizens and elected officials to impact positive legislative impact to protect America.

As an ACT for America Chapter Leader, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Build a strong national security activist network in your community
  • Plan and execute engagement initiatives
  • Help your community get educated, involved, and ready to take effective action on a variety of important issues

Start a Chapter

Chapter Requirements

To be considered an official ACT chapter, groups must:

  • Complete the Chapter Affiliation Agreement
  • Commit to recruiting at least five (5) active members
  • Organize at least one (1) event/meeting per quarter

An ACT for America staff member will be available to help you with starting your chapter and providing you with everything you’ll need in order to be up and running in no time.  You don’t need to be a professional activist to start a chapter either!

Join a Chapter

Search our directory to see if a chapter exists in your area and feel free to reach out to them to join their local chapter. If one does not exist, we encourage you to start your own!

Start a Student Chapter

ACT for America understands the need for student engagement among college campuses and as a result, launched a student initiative called “Students Who ACT”.

ACT for America has a full-time Student Chapter Coordinator, dedicated to the success of the Students Who ACT initiative.