PC Outrage of the Month - August

Wednesday, 27 August 2008 10:57
August 2008

This month’s PC (Politically Correct) Outrage of the Month winner is CNN.  

The Media Research Center’s NEWS BUSTERS website posted the story below regarding a CNN news segment on honor killings in Great Britain.

Remarkably, not once during the entire segment did any CNN reporter mention the word “Islam,” “Muslim” or any other term that would correctly identify honor killings as being perpetrated by Muslims.

Only in the world of political correctness could such a feat be possible.  

Here’s a question. If these honor killings were being done by Christians or Jews, does anyone believe CNN would have been so careful as to avoid mentioning that?

Don Lemon of CNN introduces the story with the lead-in reprinted below. To see the entire segment click on the “view video” link at the bottom.

A tip of the hat and an autographed copy of Brigitte’s new book “They Must Be Stopped” to Janet, who brought this to our attention.  

CNN Avoids Mentioning Islam in Segment on 'Honor Killings'

By Mark Finkelstein (
Bio | Archive)                         
August 11, 2008 - 15:12 ET                   
Quite a feat: CNN has pulled off the MSM equivalent of describing a spiral staircase without using one's hands. It has managed to produce a segment on "honor killings" and related violence in the UK . . . without using the word "Muslim" or "Islam." CNN Newsroom anchor Don Lemon  introduced the segment this afternoon at 1:37 PM EDT.
DON LEMON: Women forced into marriages, or killed for having the wrong boyfriend. So-called "honor crimes" are often committed by fathers or brothers when daughters do something that supposedly brings shame on the family. It's on the rise in Britain, and authorities, they are very worried about it. Our Paula Newton reports.
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