Court ruling doesn’t affect Oklahoma ALAC

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 09:11
Court ruling doesn’t affect Oklahoma ALAC

Last week a federal court issued a permanent injunction against Oklahoma constitutional amendment SB 755, which was approved by Oklahoma voters in 2010.

The court did so because SB 755 singled out sharia law.

But for all practical purposes the amendment had already been struck down by a previous court ruling. This latest ruling just made the injunction permanent, and it was expected.

We’ve gotten numerous emails asking if this court ruling affected American Laws for American Courts legislation (ALAC) that Oklahoma passed in the spring.

The answer is “no.”

ALAC does not single out sharia law but instead prohibits judges from applying any foreign law if doing so conflicts with the Constitution or constitutional rights.

ALAC has not been challenged in court in any of the states where it has been passed. In fact, last September a judge in Kansas ruled he could not apply sharia law in a case because of the ALAC legislation Kansas passed earlier in the year.

ACT! for America played a key role in getting the Kansas legislation passed, as we generated over 30,000 phone calls and emails to Kansas legislators. We were also instrumental in getting the Oklahoma legislation passed.


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