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comment by Jerry Gordon

atomic-bomb-blast.jpgPaul Weyrich in this article is articulating the underground speculations that Al Qaeda had purchased several suitcase sized nuclear devices from corrupt Russian military sources in central Asia and has secreted them into the US for a series of “Hiroshimas”. He also has raised the specter of an Iranian Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) low yield nuclear explosion in a position off the east coast using a Scud missile launched from a container ship or freighter. He and Congressional EMP Commission head William Graham has recently articulated what that could do to the US-destroy our military and industrial infrastructure and power grid resulting in an economic cost of an estimated $770 billion converting this country into an instant ‘destroyed nation’.

Ken Timmerman’s scenario in his novel “Honor Killing” is an even more plausible scenario. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard under tight security load a miniaturized nuclear device onto to freighter at the Port of Bandar Abbas bound for South Africa to pick up armored vehicles that then get shipped to port of Maracaibo in Venezuela and hence to another vessel that offloads the device onto a mini sub off Chesapeake Bay. Then, a sleeper cell and technical experts preoare the device to be loaded onto a pizza truck for ultimate detonation during a Washington DC Fourth of July celebration. The page turner thriller culminates in a chase by FBI and Nuclear Scientists to track down the sleeper cell, shoot out some of the Iranians and Palestinians in the sleeper cell and disarm the device. The urban legend is that the scenario was modeled after an alleged event that occurred during the 2004 Democratic convention in Manhattan. No one is talking, but the technical bits and pieces in Timmerman’s book look too plausible for comfort.


by Jerry Gordon, The Iconoclast, July 17, 2008

lieberman-picture.gifA few days ago we posted a comment on the introduction by Senators Lieberman, Collins and Cantwell of federal legislation to rein in the speculative energy commodities trading that has fueled the oil bubble: S 3248, the Commodity Speculation Reform Act of 2008. Last week propelled by rumors of Middle East preparation for a possible Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities and a terrorist attack on oil facilities in the gulf of Niger, the price of a barrel of crude oil had spiked to more than $147.00. We pondered whether the oil bubble had finally peaked.

Then, this week, almost audibly, the air began to seep out of the oil bubble. The world media credits it to drops in demand in the US and the adverse rumblings by Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke before Congress about worsening stagflation reflected in the ramp up of wholesale prices in June coupled with airlines and refineries balking at purchasing oil futures contracts at $150. The result was the 10 % reduction in the benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures prices in NYMEX trading by more than $15.00 over the past three trading days to close at $129.29 a barrel today.

Yesterday, Harry Reid US Senate Majority leader introduced a bill, S3268 - Stop Excessive Energy Speculation Act that incorporated many of the provisions in Senator Lieberman’s proposal, with which we concurred. As noted in an email from Senator Lieberman staff:

The legislation captures the essential concepts laid out in S. 3248, the Commodity Speculation Reform Act of 2008 introduced by Senators Lieberman, Collins, and Cantwell last week. It includes broad-based speculative position limits that apply to commodity holdings wherever they are, and directs the CFTC to apply specific criteria to eliminate excessive speculation.
Is this a mere coincidence that the oil bubble is deflating now that Congress has finally ramped up pressure on speculative energy trading in the commodity markets? We don’t know. However, volatility over the last week bespeaks of the beginnings of a possible energy market slide. Is this perhaps a reflection of underlying economic realities. If the Independent Senator from Connecticut hadn’t taken the lead on reforming energy futures speculation by institutional investors, threatened to close the Swaps loophole, demanded daily reporting of OTC and overseas markets trading , and bucked up the CFTC to exercise its regulatory responsibility, that hissing noise on the trading floors of NYMEX might not have been heard, today.

July 17th, 2008 at 9:42 • Jerry GordonSenator Lieb

comment by Jerry

islamic-saudi-academy.jpgCal Thomas, is the first nationally syndicated columnist to spread the word about the calumnies going on at the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA) in Fairfax County, Virginia. That’s more than the mainstream media has done with the possible exception of the Washington Post. Even there, The Postoes report it as local news. It’s not. Two days ago, the Hudson Institute released its second saudi text report. The bad news is that nothing had changed from their first report in 2006. More of the same old incitement to hate and violence towards us, apostates and shunning of fellow Muslims.

This preaching of hate as Thomas points outs is a multi-billion dollar project of pure unadulterated Wahhabi ‘da’wa or preaching of this noxious doctrine.

    The Center for Islamic Pluralism (, a Web site that bills itself as a voice of moderate Islam, quotes David D. Aufhauser, a former Treasury Department general counsel, who told a Senate committee four years ago that estimates of Saudi spending on these schools worldwide are “north of $75 billion.” The Center says that the money financed construction of thousands of mosques, schools and Islamic centers, the employment of at least 9,000 proselytizers and the printing of millions of books of religious instruction.

The ISA is simply the tip of the iceberg in a world wide Saudi effort to embolden Jihadis to kill us.

by Cal Thomas,, July 17, 2008

Despite a report by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom that the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Va., has continued to use textbooks that teach hatred of everyone not of their specific brand of faith, the U.S. State Department has yet to act to close down the school. Officials of the academy, which has about 1,000 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12, promised to excise passages in the textbooks that disparage Jews and Christians, but according to an examination by The Washington Post for the 2006-2007 school year, though “much of the controversial material had been removed, at least one book still contained passages that extolled jihad and martyrdom, called for victory over one’s enemies and said the killing of adulterers and apostates was ‘justified.’”

Once again, Islamic Saudi Academy officials have promised to clean up the text.

There are at least two questions that should be asked. One: are they telling us the truth this time? Probably not. Two: why do we allow such schools in our country when nothing close to a Christian, Jewish or even secular school would be permitted in Saudi Arabia, whose government specifically treats as contraband any religious text other than the Koran and prohibits even private worship of any God but Allah?

Unfortunately, such schools and hate material are not limited to the United States. According to Andrew Cochran, writing on the blog, “it appears to be more of a systemic effort by numerous Muslim educators worldwide to brainwash their children. Textbooks used in Iran refer to the United States as the ‘Great Satan’ and to Israel as ‘the regime that occupies Jerusalem,’ according to a study released in February by the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace.” In a separate statement, the co-authors write, “The books reveal an uncompromisingly hostile attitude towards the West, especially the United States and Israel. In fact, the curriculum’s declared goal is to prepare the students for a global struggle against the West which bears alarming Messianic-like features to the point of self-destruction.”

This isn’t the first time the Saudis have been discovered brainwashing Muslim youth, writes Cochran: “Last year, Freedom House’s Center for Religious Freedom released a report analyzing Saudi Ministry of Education textbooks in use for elementary and secondary students. The authors found that the books “(c)ommand Muslims to ‘hate’ Christians, Jews, ‘polytheists’ and other ‘unbelievers,’ including non-Wahhabi Muslims, though, incongruously, not to treat them ‘unjustly’ … teach that ‘Jews and the Christians are enemies of the (Muslim) believers’ and that ‘the clash’ between the two realms is perpetual” and “instruct that ‘fighting between Muslims and Jews will continue until Judgment Day, and that the Muslims are promised victory over the Jews in the end.”

The Center for Islamic Pluralism (, a Web site that bills itself as a voice of moderate Islam, quotes David D. Aufhauser, a former Treasury Department general counsel, who told a Senate committee four years ago that estimates of Saudi spending on these schools worldwide are “north of $75 billion.” The Center says that the money financed construction of thousands of mosques, schools and Islamic centers, the employment of at least 9,000 proselytizers and the printing of millions of books of religious instruction. (Continue Reading this Article)


comment by Jerry Gordon

jail-free.jpgOur colleague Patrick Poole has this cautionary tale of what happens when CAIR rattles the cages of our local law enforcement agencies and tries to intimidate police by threatening them with legal action and signing on to their so-called diversity training. We are close to this story as a Police officer in Fairfax county reached out for assistance. ACT! for America and partners from the Victory Coalition chimed in to help. The results are told in this Pajamas media report by Poole. One thing that didn’t happen this time was that the Commonwealth Magistrate Judge assigned to the case of Dr. Abbasi who was stopped for a traffic infraction that conflated into a drug charge, didn’t knuckle under. he rebuffed from the bench charges of ‘intimidation’ and ‘religious harassment’ from the defense counsel. Abbasi quickly lost points, caved and copped a plea to a single misdemeanor charge.

But the really story is CAIR running roughshod threatening and intimidating federal, state and local first responders with caterwauling about ‘religious profiling’. The result are the cratering of counterterrorism courses thereby disabling first responders from defending us.

Read what Poole said about this:

    As a regular consultant to police agencies on counterterrorism issues, I can attest to the immense pressure that police and other first responders are constantly under without having to deal with bogus claims of religious discrimination and self-serving demands to institute CAIR’s own “diversity and sensitivity” training programs. If the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division wishes to look into these matters, as CAIR has demanded in Abbasi’s case, perhaps it should begin by examining the hostile work environment for police officers created by CAIR’s constant, yet continually baseless, grievance-mongering.

ACT! for America is doing something about this. We have drafted national legislation that would bar frivolous complaints and legal actions by CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood front group against first responders. These MB groups have been identified in the Holy Land Foundation case, up for retrial in September in the Dallas Federal Court. We believe that all first responder groups should rally to support this measure. Responsible Members of Congress concerning about the sad state of counterterrorism programs should sign on as co-sponsors. This is the most effective way of pushing back at CAIR and the other Muslim Brotherhood groups undermining counterterrorism efforts to protect us.

by Patrick Poole, Pajamas Media, July 16, 2008

An otherwise unremarkable hearing in the Fairfax County, Virginia, general district court last Thursday marked an ominous trend with respect to the cherished American judicial principles of the rule of law and equality before the law. The hearing on four misdemeanor charges against [1] Dr. Mustafa Ahmed Abbasi featured all of the usual players — judge, bailiff, clerks, prosecutors, police officers, criminal attorneys, and defendant — but with one notable addition to the judicial drama, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

CAIR’s intervention in the Abbasi case is a manifestation of a larger campaign against law enforcement to use political alliances and legal threats to intimidate police in cases involving Muslim defendants and to establish separate and preferable treatment for Muslims in the American legal system.

The circumstances concerning the charges against Dr. Abbasi are as unremarkable as last Thursday’s hearing. On February 9, Abassi committed an improper turn which prompted a traffic stop by Fairfax County police. After consent for a search of the vehicle was given, police discovered loose pills, needles, and prescriptions written to other individuals in the trunk of the car, violations of Virginia law. Dr. Abbasi admitted that he treated members of his mosque out of his vehicle, also a violation of Virginia medical rules (it should be noted that he is also a U.S. Customs and Immigration Service-[2] approved immigration doctor). Abbasi received a summons for unlawfully prescribing drugs and three others for possession of controlled substances, and was allowed to leave the scene on his own recognizance.

More than two months later, a letter was sent from CAIR national legal counsel Nadhira Al-Khalili to Colonel David Rohrer, chief of the Fairfax County Police Department, claiming that the traffic stop was made on the basis of profiling and that Dr. Abassi’s consent to the vehicle search was never given. She also claimed that Abbasi’s arrest was part of a pattern of “religious discrimination” by the department.

The CAIR letter made a series of demands, including an internal affairs investigation of the incident, a reprimand for the officer who made the stop, a written apology for Dr. Abbasi, a dash-cam video of the traffic stop, audio of the related police radio transmissions, and the institution of CAIR’s workplace sensitivity and diversity training for the entire Fairfax County Police.

An important fact to note is that CAIR’s narrative was derived entirely from Dr. Abbasi’s own self-serving account. Al-Khalili’s letter admitted that they had not even attempted to review any factual evidence that might exist in the case (dash-cam video and police radio transmissions), which could have been easily obtained through an open records request before making their accusations of religious discrimination. Before then, she had not asked for any evidence. It seems that CAIR’s demands were clearly aimed at having their “diversity” training instituted by the police department, as there was no indication that Al-Khalili was acting as counsel for Abbasi (she did not appear at last week’s hearing), but was rather acting in CAIR’s own organizational interests.

CAIR’s hysterical claims in this case — Al-Khalili’s letter raises the specter of “the Fairfax County Police Department’s repeated and relentless attacks on American Muslims” — are belied when reviewing the special relationship between CAIR and Fairfax County officials, including the chief of police, Col. David Rohrer, and the County Board of Supervisors chairman, Gerry Connelly.

(Continue Reading this Article)


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