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The Dallas Morning News
October 30, 2008
Holy Land jurors get a sample of Hamas martyr propaganda

Jason Trahan
Jurors in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial on Thursday saw some disturbing examples of Hamas propaganda glorifying young suicide bombers.

The poster ... is one of several that the Israeli military confiscated from the offices of the Islamic Charitable Society of Hebron, one of several groups in the Palestinian territories that received millions of dollars from Holy Land.

"Avi," one of two anonymous Israeli government witnesses, continued his testimony Thursday that these charity groups were fronts for Hamas, not only because of Hamas propaganda found there, but also because they were led by known Hamas operatives.
IPT News

October 23, 2008
Expert Witness: Social Support a Staple of Terrorist Groups

DALLAS – Successful terrorist organizations throughout history have used social wings as a means of building popular support, an internationally-recognized terrorism expert said Thursday. Bruce Hoffman, a professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and a former Scholar-in-Residence at the CIA, testified in the trial of five men accused of funneling millions of dollars to social support organizations controlled by Hamas.

Hoffman's testimony did not delve into specific charges or evidence against the former officials of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF). Rather, Hoffman was a prosecution expert, outlining the structure of terrorist movements like Hizballah in Lebanon and the Irish Republican Army. Terrorist organizations that do not have a social arm, said Hoffman, historically are the "least consequential."
Islamist Watch

October 28, 2008
Video Game Dispute Underscores Muslim Divide

by David J. Rusin

How far should private entities go to avoid offending the most sensitive Muslims? This question has arisen once again as the soundtrack for a virtual world sparks controversy in the real one.

LittleBigPlanet, a new video game that lets children lead characters through various locales, was recently delayed by Sony due to its use of a song whose lyrics contain snippets from the Koran. The pre-release modification and apology came on the heels of a letter claiming that the mixture of music with Koranic verses would upset some Muslims. (Side note: a Muslim actually wrote and recorded the tune.)
Family Security Matters
October 29, 2008

We Must Remain Vigilant against Islamic Terrorists

Ed Koch

I was truly astonished to read the recent comments of two British experts who, in the New York Times of October 22nd, criticized the United States "for what they described as its overly militaristic approach to fighting terrorism and warned of a further erosion of civil liberties."
The two "experts" are Stella Rimington, former director general of Britain's domestic intelligence agency MI5. The other is Ken MacDonald, the top prosecutor for England and Wales who assails what he refers to as the "Guantanamo model, in which the rights of defendants are severely curtailed or eliminated by governments in search of a response to the terrorism threat." According to the Times, Ms. Rimington says "that she hoped the next president would stop using the phrase 'war on terror.' She also said there had been a huge overreaction to the attacks on September 11, 2001, explaining it 'got us off on the wrong foot because it made people think terrorism was something you could deal with by force of arms primarily.'"

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