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October 16, 2008

Exclusive: Islam: A Religion of Peace? (Part Four, Conclusion)

The Editors

The following is a transcript of a debate sponsored by The Harbour League on the subject, “Islam: a Religion of Peace? Is Islamic Law (“Shariah”) Consistent With A Religion Of Peace – And The U.S. Constitution?” Eli Gold, president of The Harbour League, introduced the participants. Moderating was Mark Hyman; for the affirmative was Suhail Khan and presenting the negative was Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy.
The Harbour League was founded in 2005 as an organization to promote conservative and free market dialogue on the state level. In looking at this question, “Is Islam a Religion of Peace”, the League wanted specifically to look at whether Islamic law, Shariah, is consistent with a religion of peace and with the U.S. Constitution.

Part Four concludes this series with final questions from the audience.
Jihad Watch
October 16, 2008

What does CAIR think?

Hugh Fitzgerald

Every time the Council on American-Islamic Relations injects itself into an issue or incident, it invites the question: What is CAIR? Who have been among its founders? Who is still among its leading staff? Where does its funding come from? Where does it stand, how clearly has it expressed itself, on the use of violence as an instrument of Jihad? How clearly has CAIR urged its members to cooperate fully with the American government in its attempts to protect people from Muslim terrorists? How clearly has CAIR distanced itself from those many passages in the Qur'an, those many stories in the Hadith, those many details in the Life of Muhammad (the Sira) that would alarm any intelligent non-Muslim made aware of them?

What has CAIR done to insure that Muslims will not "interpret" those passages "incorrectly"? And do those who run, or belong to, or support CAIR really think that closer inspection of the texts, and tenets, of Islam -- which they always unwittingly invite -- are to their advantage?


Ohio State and the Muslim Brotherhood

By Patrick Poole

It’s October, and the leaves are beginning to turn around the campus of the Ohio State University. But as predictably as falling leaves turn the green grass of the Oval brown, Islamofascism flowers into full bloom on the Ohio State campus just in time for the third Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.

And this time, Ohio State students are footing the bill.

Washington Times 

Bill Gertz


A U.S.military "Red Team" charged with challenging conventional thinkingsays that words like "jihad" and "Islamist" are needed indiscussing 21st-century terrorism and that federal agencies that avoid thewords soft-pedaled the link between religious extremism and violent acts.

"We must reject the notion that Islam and Arabicstand apart as bodies of knowledge that cannot be critiqued or discussed aselements of understanding our enemies in this conflict," said the internalreport, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times.


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