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October 3, 2008

'Jesus was a Palestinian,' claims U.S. history text
Study: American public school books have 'same inaccuracies' as Arab texts

By Bob Unruh

A new study reveals that if Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wanted to criticize the nation of Israel before the United Nations, he could use American public school textbooks to do so.

"It is shocking to find the kind of misinformation we discovered in American textbooks and supplemental materials being used by schools in every state in the country," said Dr. Gary Tobin, president of the Institute for Jewish & Community Research and a co-author of the study.

"Elected officials at every level should investigate how these offensive passages are creeping into our textbooks. Presenting false information in the classroom undermines the very foundation of the American educational system," he said.
U.S.Muslim Engagement Project Calls for Engagement with Muslim Brotherhood

The following is a summary of news reports and web site links regarding the U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project, its calls for engagement with the Muslim Brotherhood, and other excerpts from its report "Changing Course: A New Direction for U.S. Relations with the Muslim World".

U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project
An Initiative of Search for the Common Ground and the Consensus Building Institute
News Blaze
October 6, 2008
New Movie Exposes Danger of Radical Islam
The upcoming documentary movie, "The Third Jihad", will be beginning its upcoming coast to coast limited theatrical release today. This is a movie you must see to appreciate the danger we face in America from radical Islam.

It is so important that you see this film that the premiere events are FREE to you as our invited guest. The national release of the film will include screenings in four California cities - Oct 6th and 9th in Los Angeles, Oct 8th in Santa Ana and San Diego and Oct 13 in Sacramento.
IPT News

October 2, 2008

"It is time for you to pledge death"

DALLAS – From donations urging violence to advertisements and videos lauding one of the fathers of global jihad, evidence in the Hamas-support trial against former officials at the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) Thursday took a decidedly bloody tone.

The five defendants are accused of illegally funneling $12 million to Hamas through a series of charities, or zakat committees in the West Bank and Gaza. FBI agent Lara Burns has been on the witness stand all week, presenting evidence establishing the group's stated and passionate support for Hamas.

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