The Doctrine of Abrogation: Open the Koran Day

What America Must Learn from the Ft. Hood Massacre

The Pentagon report that purported to explain why Nidal Hasan killed 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood missed the point completely. We know why he did what he did because his many actions prior to his attack at Ft. Hood made at least two things crystal clear.

  • He was a jihadist.
  • He justified violent jihad by using the doctrine of abrogation to explain jihad’s meaning in the Koran.
  • This is why, as we approach the two year anniversary this November of the worst jihadist attack on American soil since 9/11, ACT! for America is sponsoring…

    The Doctrine of Abrogration: Open the Koran Day

    It is essential that Americans come to understand why homegrown jihadists like Nidal Hasan do what they do. We cannot successfully fight what we do not understand.

If you would like to host an “Open the Koran Day” event, please read the information and instructions below, and then sign up at the bottom of the page.

When: The weekend of October 28 – 30, 2011

What: A focus on the Islamic doctrine of abrogation. The doctrine of abrogation is an integral part of Islamic jurisprudence, in which contradictory passages in the Koran are reconciled. When a contradiction requires reconciliation, the passage that occurred later in time abrogates, or supersedes, the passage that occurred earlier.

Why: The doctrine of abrogation is especially pertinent to the issue of violent jihad. There are passages in the Koran that advocate or imply that Muslims should treat non-Muslims peacefully, but these have been abrogated by later, violent passages. It is estimated that over 120 peaceful passages have been abrogated by violent ones. Major Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter, discussed this application of abrogation during his slide presentations to other officers. It is impossible to understand the doctrine, history, and implications of jihad without understanding the doctrine of abrogation.

Sign-up information and requirements:

  1. Commit to host the event on Oct 28, 29 or 30 (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)
  2. You must hold the event in an indoor location where a video can be shown and access can be controlled (versus an outdoor venue), such as:
    1. Meeting in your home.
    2. In a church, synagogue or other house of worship.
    3. In an American Legion, VFW, or similar hall.
    4. A hotel meeting room.
  3. You will be provided instructions, a video DVD and other materials to use at your event. Please plan your event for approximately 90 minutes.
  4. Commit to this being an educational event, not a confrontational event. Our goal is to help people understand what the doctrine of abrogation is and how it applies to jihad in the Koran.
  5. No media, cameras, phone cameras, videotaping, or audiotaping allowed, in order to encourage candid discussion and the free exchange of ideas by those who attend.
  6. Put the word out and get RSVP’s for the event so you will know how many to expect, to ensure your venue is adequate. ACT! for America will announce how many Open the Koran Day events will be occurring but will not advertise exact locations of each venue or who is hosting them.

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