Preserving The Constitution

The fundamental concepts of our Constitution are woven through the history of Western Civilization, from Magna Carta to the present day. ACT for America is dedicated to protecting these fundamental freedoms from external threats that would weaken these values, or make them subservient to foreign laws that fail to honor these inalienable rights.

ACT for America has been involved in helping the passage of the following laws: 


American Laws for American Courts

American Laws for American Courts prevents state courts from applying foreign laws and foreign legal doctrines when doing so infringes on the fundamental constitutional rights of any of the parties involved.

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Protecting Free Speech

Protects freedom of speech, freedom of the press and free expression by shielding authors, journalists, bloggers, radio hosts and artists from foreign libel judgments originating in jurisdictions that do not afford the same protections as the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.


Refugee Resettlement Legislation

Aids local municipalities burdened by having to deal with refugee resettlement into their communities when the resettlement is beyond the local community's ability to provide the necessary infrastructure for additional people.


Andy's Law

This measure is named for Private First Class Andy Long, shot and killed in front of a Little Rock, Arkansas military recruiting office by a self-proclaimed terrorist. This bill is now law in numerous states. Andy's Law stiffens state criminal penalties for acts of terrorism. The bill creates a civil cause of action, empowering victims of terrorism to sue for enhanced damages those who commit acts of terrorism or provide material support for terrorism.