Rally FAQ's

Rally FAQ’s

What’s the purpose of this event?

Our objective is to be a unifying force for millions of Americans who support the policies of the White House to make America safe, to thank those like our first responders who help make us safe and to provide an opportunity to express our patriotism.

Is this a march or a rally?

The America First event will be a rally to send a message of support for President Trump’s agenda of keeping America safe and secure.

How can I find the America First event closest to my home?

We are developing events across America. Please scroll down to search for the America First gathering closest to you. If you don’t find one, click here to learn how you can develop one.

I have never attended a rally, any tips?

  • Make sure you are familiar with the location.
  • Check the weather report – bring sunscreen or umbrella as warranted
  • Dress Appropriately:
  • Wear patriotic colors – red, white, blue or better yet, wear one of our special T-Shirts with the message: “Proud American” or “Make Patriotism Great Again” (Order here)
  • Please do not wear clothes with profane or obscene slogans
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Consider bringing a fold up chair or blanket
  • Bring a water bottle and maybe a snack
  • Consider arriving early to make sure you find a place to park, both your car and/or your chair.
  • Make sure your cell phone is fully charged.

Do you have any sign suggestions?

We would like our message to be clear and consistent across the nation.  You will find helpful rally signs here.

If the event is free, why do I need to register or RSVP?

It’s important for organizers to know how many people to expect so that they can prepare accordingly. Your RSVP helps us make sure we are ready to put on the best event possible.

There isn’t an event in my area; how can I start my own America First event?           

You can register to be an event organizer by signing up here. The cutoff date for becoming an organizer is August 26th, 2017.

I am unable to attend the America First event in my area; is there another way I can help?

Sign up to become an activist, donate, or help a local organizer prepare for an event.

Do these rallies actually make a difference?

Not only are we unifying local, like-minded patriots across the country, but we will also have voter registration opportunities at every event. These rallies are helping to shape the 2018 political landscape by ensuring we have an informed citizenry who are willing and able to vote their values.  In addition, we are organizing our communities to empower the people, and help support the President’s national security agenda.

Do you have any rally gear or merchandise?

Yes, click here to order yours today!

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What if protesters show up?

Every organizer is communicating with their local police department to inform them of his/her event.  Keep a safe distance from any protesters.  Please DO NOT engage in any sort of confrontation whether verbal or physical. Remember, protesters want to distract and divide us from our goal by creating a new story or a different message.