State Legislation

ACT for America has helped pass 52 national security-related bills in 27 states to protect this great nation.

  • American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) prohibits state judges from applying foreign law, which can include sharia law, when doing so infringes on constitutional rights.

    State Year Bill No.
    Alabama 2014 #884
    Arizona 2011 HB 2064
    Florida 2014 SB 386
    Kansas 2012 SB 79
    Louisiana 2010 HB 785
    Mississippi 2015 HB 177
    North Carolina 2013 HB 695
    Oklahoma 2013

    HB 1060

    South Dakota 2012 HB 1253
    Tennessee 2010 HB 3740
    Washington 2015 SB 5498
  • This measure is named for Private First Class Andy Long, shot and killed in front of a Little Rock, Arkansas military recruiting office by a self-proclaimed terrorist.

    This bill is now law in numerous states. Andy's Law stiffens state criminal penalties for acts of terrorism. The law creates a civil cause of action empowering victims of terrorism to sue in state court those who provide material support and aid those who commit acts of terrorism.

    State Year Bill No.
    Arkansas 2013 630
    Kansas 2014 HB 2463
    Louisiana 2015 HB 497
    North Carolina 2015 HB 371
    Oklahoma 2014  
    Tennessee 2015 SB 180
    • Female genital mutilation (FGM) is any procedure involving the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs. FGM is often performed on girls between the ages of 4 and 14 to ensure their virginity until marriage.

      State Year Bill No.
      Arizona 2014 SB 1342
      Kansas 2013 HB 2217
      Louisiana 2013 HB 759
      South Dakota 2015 HB 1089
    • Free Speech Defense Act, formerly known as “Rachel’s Law,” protects the 1st amendment rights of US authors, speakers and journalists against foreign judgments that run counter to the US constitution.

      State Year Bill No.
      California 2009 SB 320
      Florida 2009 HB 949
      Illinois 2008 PA 095-0865
      Louisiana 2010  
      Maryland 2010 HB 193
      New York 2008 SB 6676-C
      Oklahoma 2013  
      South Dakota 2013  
      Tennessee 2010 HB 3300
      Utah 2010 HB 96
    • This bill prohibits charter schools, such as Gulen owned schools, from employment practices such as hiring primarily male Turkish instructors.

      State Year Bill No.
      Louisiana 2014 HB 1243
    • The Iranian Divestment Bill, which is designed to stop any investment into the terror state, given the illicit nuclear activities of the Government of Iran, combined with its development of unconventional weapons and ballistic missiles, and its support of international terrorism which represent a serious threat to the security of the United States, Israel and other allies of the United States in Europe, the Middle East and around the world.

      State Year Bill No.
      Arizona 2008 HB 2151
      California 2007 AB 221
      Connecticut 2011 SB 881
      Florida 2007 SB 2142 C1
      Georgia 2008 SB 451
      Indiana 2009 SB 231
      Iowa 2011 HF 484
      Maryland 2008 SB 214
      Michigan 2008 PA 232/233
      Minnesota 2009 HF 111
      Mississippi 2015 HB 1127
      Nevada 2009 AB 493
      New Jersey 2008 S 1304
      Rhode Island 2013 S 521
      South Dakota 2010 SB 134
      Utah 2011 DB 112
    • Legislation that gives local municipalities more say in limiting refugee placement in their communities.

      State Year Bill No.
      Tennessee 2011 HB 1632
    • This law will protect those who "See Something"and "Say Something" regarding potential terror plots, from frivolous lawsuits.

      State Year Bill No.
      Mississippi 2016 HB 578
    • State Year Bill No.
      Florida 2014 SB 864
      Texas 2014