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I want to share our great signs of hope that begin with each action you’ve taken in the past few months! 
When you are tempted to think your voice isn’t heard and that it doesn’t matter, silence those doubts and keep going!

This is How Real Grassroots Works!

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In Only 6 Months’ Time
12,360,700 Actions Taken
In the Past 3 Weeks Alone
3,645,387 Actions Taken! 


Congratulations to Mississippi for being the 18th state to pass a Zuckerbuck Ban! 
Congratulations to Georgia for preventing the reversal of their Zuckerbuck Ban this past week!
Congratulations to Arizona for passing a key election integrity bill with many more expected to pass shortly! 

The Priorities of the People Become the
Priorities of our Elected Representatives.

On Wednesday we reported we are gaining bipartisan support on Stopping the Disastrous Iran Nuclear, with 18 Democrats breaking ranks to help us fight! We now have over 1,000,000 actions taken on this effort!
This week Senate Democrats are breaking ranks over Biden’s plans to end Title 42, which guarantees the mother of all border surges is coming our way. 

Stop the Border Invasion Campaign
Approaching 2.4 Million Actions Taken!

 Border Invasoin

This past week Republican Minority Leaders in the House and Senate spelled out their priorities in anticipation of regaining the Majority in the 2022 midterm elections. 

As Republicans returned from their annual House GOP retreat, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated, "Republican priorities when we regain the majority next year: 1 - Hold the Biden Administration accountable, 2 - Secure the Border, 3 - Make our cities safe again, 4 - Rein in the out-of-control inflation, 5 - Stop the overreach of government mandates.”



“Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky pointed to the border, along with inflation and crime, as the three top legislative priorities for Senate Republicans if they take control in November — a sign that the party’s candidates will make it an issue.” (Rollcall.com)

This is How a Healthy Representative
Republic Government Works!

Be encouraged, keep clicking, and support us, as we continue to fight for what’s most important to preserving America’s culture, sovereignty, and security! 

Have a blessed Good Friday and Easter Sunday!



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