Protect Parental Rights in Education

Parents rights in education

Actions Taken

UPDATE April 12, 2023: Congratulations: The US House of Representatives passed HR5 Parents Bill of Rights Act. Help us Pass this Bill in the Senate and ensure the President signs it into law! 

Congratulations! A new US House Bill HR736 'PROTECT Kids Act Parental Rights Over The Education and Care of Their Kids Act' has been introduced on March 24th, defending a parents inalienable rights over education and care of their children under the 14th Amendment. 

Parents have every right to know what their children are being taught in schools and a duty to protect them from being brainwashed and manipulated about their sexuality.  Parents' rights have been under increasing assault across the nation. Parents have a fundamental right to decide how their child is going to be raised and educated without fear of sexual indoctrination and brainwashing! Children belong to families, not to states!!!

The 4 states passed Parental Rights bills in 2022 including: Arizona HB2161, HB2439; , Florida HB1557, HB1467; Georgia HB1178; and Louisiana HB369. 

This year 24 states have pending legislation including: Arizona HB2533, HB2786, SB1703, SB1005, SCR1025; Arkansas HB1738; Hawaii SB1428, HB519; Indiana SB0413; Iowa SF496, SSB1145, HSB222; Massachusetts H458; Minnesota SF3032, HF1590, SF1452, HF353, SF76; Mississippi HB509, SB2764, SB2761; Missouri SB4, SB451, HB627, SB158, SJR6, SB89; Montana SB337; Nebraska LB374; New Hampshire SB272, HB10; New Jersey A5110, S2483, A3895; North Carolina S49, S74, H58; Ohio HB8, Oklahoma SB131, HB1781, HB2670; Pennsylvania HB319; Rhode Island H5688, S0414; South Carolina S0234, H3197, H3485; Texas SB8, HB5261, SB981, SB393; Virginia SB1199, SB832; Washington SB5024, HB1601; West Virginia SB655, HB3118; and Wyoming SF0117.

Call on your state representatives to Protect Parental Rights today calling for introduction &/or passage of a bill! We need legislation in all 50 states to prevent school boards and teachers’ unions from hiding information from parents on curriculum, supplemental materials, and gender fluidity policies that are designed to influence and indoctrinate young children.

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
-President Abraham Lincoln

Help Defend Parental Rights in Education in Every State!

Every dollar raised will be dedicated to raising awareness, and mobilizing grassroots pressure to every state representative to pass a bill!

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