As the nation’s largest and most influential grassroots national security organization, ACT for America recognizes the critical role our first amendment plays in securing this nation. Without the right to speak freely and truthfully about the threats facing this nation, our enemies will remain both unidentified, and unstoppable.

There remains a highly troubling, cohesive effort of radical leftist to intimidate and suppress freedom of speech. From college campuses, to media airwaves, to the halls of Congress, anti-free speech radicals have made it their mission to silence anyone who deters from a warped and politically correct ideology.

All Americans should take notice of this emerging threat to their most fundamental right to express themselves and speak truthfully, before its too late. We’ve also seen an effort by rogue judges to override the constitution to achieve their political goals, and without a legislative body dedicated to preserving the Bill of Rights, your right as an American to speak your mind hangs in the balance.

ACT for America remains unwaveringly committed to protecting and preserving the first amendment rights of every American, and encourages all citizens to contact their federal, state, and local representatives to ensure they know how necessary the protection of our first amendment is to them.

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