Massive, un-fettered refugee resettlement has resulted not only in a social and financial drain on the American citizen, but a critical national security risk as well.

There have also been countless examples of refugees committing brutally heinous crimes against American citizens, all of which is consistently underplayed or buried by the mainstream media.

There is a financial motive for refugee resettlement contractors, as well as corporations in the United States, to lobby for massive refugee resettlement, regardless of the impact it has on the average American citizen. The reality is, refugee resettlement is a billion-dollar industry, serving as a cash cow for contracting churches and charities to enrich themselves, all while wearing the false cloak of tolerance and diversity.

The more refugees a charity decides to take in for a temporary amount of time, the more money given to them by tax-payers. After a short period of maintaining contact with their sponsored refugee, the contractor is no longer required to maintain any responsibility for the refugees they sponsor in any way. Corporations get tax-subsidies for hiring refugees, thus increasing their incentive to lobby for a constant influx.

ACT for America is dedicated to ensuring an immediate end to the wave of massive un-fettered refugee resettlement, until more appropriate screening practices are instituted. It is time to preface protection over political correctness.