Important Lessons from Virginia’s Election
Act for America


Mobilizing around issues that matter most to Americans is the key to Saving America! 

Nothing demonstrated this more than the Virginia Governor Race last week! 

Parents fought vaccine and mask mandates for kids! You can take action on Vaccine and Mask Mandates too!

Parents Fought Race Discrimination

Parents came together to fight a culture war happening in our schools. They fought for equality of all races, refusing to give ground to race discrimination in our schools. They fought for the fourteenth amendment of Equal Protections and our sixty-year-old Civil Rights Act of 1964! You can take action too!

Parents Fought Gender Fluidity Bathroom Policies and Pornographic Comprehensive Sex Education

Parents gave no quarter to schools attempting to promote gender confusion, gender fluidity policy, and comprehensive sex ed. In the case of Louden County, Virginia and Orange County, California, we know that these coed bathroom policies can lead to violent rape of our daughters. 

Bathroom policies that require inclusion of 0.38% transgenders or gender fluid children to enter a bathroom that doesn’t match their biological sex disenfranchises the other 99+% of students and their right to privacy and security.

Progressive leaders are using children struggling with their gender identity as a progressive tool and are weaponizing gender fluidity bathroom policy as a vehicle to advance their Marxist/Socialist sexual revolution culture war in America. 

Parents fought for Freedom of Speech and Representative Government, Governed by the People 

Parents fought to have a voice and inclusive right to determine the quality of education their children receive. They fought for their freedom to speak out publicly to elected officials and hold them accountable when they cross the line. They did not shy away from threats from our DOJ and Attorney General Garland but kept fighting for their kids. You can take action too! 

Parents Fought for a Fairness in Girls Sports 

Parents fought policies allowing biological males to compete in girls sports, disregarding all scientific journals indicating biological males are at least ten times stronger than females of equal size and weight. They fought for their daughters who will potentially never see a competitive trophy or athletic scholarship again, when forced to rank with biological males. Certainly there must have been a solution that doesn’t require disenfranchising 99+% of girl athletes, including XX and XY sports and a special transgender league to name a couple. 

Parents Fought for a Common Cause 

Virginia parents highlighted the common problems parents are facing across the country and the rogue State Board of Education and School Boards that are implementing social programs we don’t approve of while neglecting our continuously declining performance in math, reading, and science. Join the fight!

Parents Fought for Voter Turnout

Ultimately, these parents got out the vote! They rallied around their greatest national treasure, their children, and they WON big for the State of Virginia and their bellwether election! They lit a fire across the country and provided an example of how to bring communities together to make a real impact for good!

YOU can make a difference today! 

Have 10 minutes a week? ACT NOW! and take 3 legislative actions in just 10 minutes a week for your state and nation! Share our site and emails with your list.

Have an hour or more a week? Join the movement and start an ACT for America chapter with few of your friends.

Already lead an organized group? Join the movement, get connected with other groups nationwide, access our large library of resources and become something much bigger and more influential through an organized network.

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Or chip in a one time $25, $50, $100 or more today to help us mobilize the masses? 

ACT for America is on the move! Stand with us so together we can restore and save America. 


When everyone does a little,
together we accomplish a lot!


ACT For America is the 501 (c) (4) sister organization of ACT For
America Education, an educational organization founded in 2002.
ACT For America does not support candidates or political parties,
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