Our children are counting on us to do something!
Stop the Border Invasion

“ACT for America is the Left’s worst nightmare!”
 -Senator Ted Cruz 

Celebrating 20 years with you, our ACT Family, together building a large, sophisticated grassroots engine to counter the left. You see how busy we are fighting around the clock to help turn the tide! 

Our children are counting on us to do something before it’s too late!


Every dollar you’ve sustained us with has gone right back to you! Your support is spent defending our country to ensure our children and grandchildren have a promising future! 

Your donations funded the most powerful grassroots legislative one-click tech tool in America, that you engage in every week; now reaching over 13.4 million actions! 

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We are the only organization with grassroots presence in 97% of US counties and local lobby efforts in 50 states. 

While most conservative movements focus on education and influence at the top, our organization has always strategically structured and scienced out a top-down, bottom-up effective grassroots instrument of change. 

Major Election Integrity Campaigns

Secure Our Borders*, 50 States, 2,500,000 Actions Taken
Voter ID in Every State, 50 States, 967,000+ Actions Taken
Zuckerbucks, 33 States, 638,000 Actions Taken
Stop Big Tech Censorship, 49 States, 369,000+ Actions Taken. 
New! Stop Ballot Harvesting, 49 States, 229,000 Actions

>We need to plant Act Chapters in every county to mobilize grassroots to Secure Our Elections in 2022 and we’re a third of the way there! 

>We’re working on passing hundreds of bills in 50 states to provide REAL, comprehensive election integrity reforms, but we need to triple our grassroots advocacy army size now! 

But if we can’t fund it, we can’t achieve it! And to be honest, we are pretty far behind on our goals for the second quarter. We ONLY have 90 days to pass legislation to stop Zuckerbucks in 32 states, establish voter ID in 49 states, stop ballot harvesting and trafficking in 49 states, stop Big Tech censorship to get out the vote in 49 states, secure our borders in 50 states and we’re only scratching the surface. It takes people to get this job done!

Donate $5, $15, $25, $50, $100 or More Today!

We need your help NOW more than ever. The nation needs your help! The battle for election integrity and security is fought primarily at the state level and Act for America is the ONLY national grassroots organization with a 50-state local lobby and grassroots effort. 

Nothing can stop us with patriots like you by our side! We need your time, talent, and treasure because it’s going to take all of us to save our country for future generations! 

Don’t feel you have the time or talent to throw at this fight? Perhaps you can afford to pitch in a little to fuel the fight for you and your family!

Donate $5, $15, $25, $50, $100 or More Today!

We thank you in advance for standing and fighting beside us!


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