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We are proud to announce that in the first four months of 2022 we've helped pass ten key election integrity bills, bringing us to 31 bills within the 2021/2022 state legislative session across 19 states.


Act for America's grassroots activists are positioned in 3070 out of 3143 total counties in the United States, making us the largest, most effective grassroots organization in the country. 


Grassroots is the key to winning our election integrity battle in 2022 and beyond. This battle can only be fought and won at the state level.  



Zuckerberg founded and funded ‘Center for Tech and Civic Life’ (CTCL), funneled over $450 million to thousands of election jurisdictions in 48 states. $142 million was funneled to 8 swing states where 90% of private funding went to left-leaning swing counties, selectively driving voter turnout and election outcomes. 


We have helped pass a total of 18 bills in 18 states to prevent private funding within a 12-month period! The battle rages on as we campaign in the remaining 32 states to pass bills to affect the 2022 midterms, with over 638,000 Direct-to-lawmaker emails to date.  

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Zuckerbucks Legislative Wins


2022: Alabama HB194; Indiana SB134; Kentucky HB153; Mississippi HB1365; Oklahoma HB3046; South Dakota SB122; Virginia SB80; West Virginia HB4097.


2021: Arizona HB2569; Arkansas H1866; Florida S90; Georgia SB202; Idaho SB1168; Kansas HB2183/2332; North Dakota HB1256; Ohio HB110; Tennessee HB0996; Texas SB7. 

Other Critical Election Integrity Bills Passed

2022: Arizona HB 2492; Florida SB 524

2021: Alabama HB538; Arizona HB2054; Arizona HB2181; Arizona HB2307; Arizona HB2359; Arkansas HB1615; Arkansas HB1803; Arkansas HJR1005; Florida S0090; Idaho H0066; Texas SB1.

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In addition, ACT for America is actively working on nearly 100 Election Integrity bills and the introduction of 130+ new bills in all 50 states. In the battleground state of Arizona, we have 12 bills crossed over and on the verge of passage this month!


At the Federal level we helped stop the passage of three dangerous bills that would have ensured a one-party takeover of our election system including SB1; HR4; and S2747! Without a grassroots rapid response capability, we would have lost these battles! Even with a Left-Wing Trifecta on the Hill, you can make a bill simply too hot to touch when you organize large numbers of grassroots engaging every lawmaker! Contribute to our efforts. We are only as strong as our supporters.


Nations First Multi-State Legislative Campaign on Election Integrity


Act for America has taken a unique approach to legislative campaigning to exploit our grassroots advantage with lobby activists present in every key voting district! 


Act for America Legislative Campaigns

18,000,000 Actions in 6 months!


Election Integrity Legislative Campaigns

5,500,000 Actions Taken!


Major Election Integrity Campaigns

-Secure Our Borders*, 50 States, 2,504,000 Actions

-Voter ID in Every State, 50 States, 1,200,000+ Actions

-Zuckerbucks, 33 States, 702,000 Actions

-Stop Big Tech Censorship, 49 States, 378,000 Actions

-New! Stop Ballot Harvesting and Trafficking, 49 States, 521,000 Actions 

*Illegals have access to voting polls in 49 states!


ACT Grassroots Infrastructure


ACT for America has assets and infrastructure in place and is well positioned to have a major impact on the 2022 election and beyond. 


Here are a few facts you need to know:

-Launched Secure Our Elections Action Center in March

-Activists located in 3070 of 3,143 counties in the US

-Nearly 500,000 grassroots activists nationwide

-77,868 activists/leaders in battleground counties

-Nearly 1200 Grassroots Chapters in 1173 Counties. Our goal is to plant a chapter in every county this year!

-Supporting local voter roll cleanup efforts in every battleground state

-Coordinating battleground state efforts to fill every gap

Recruited 5,083 new election integrity activists in April

-Added 380 activists to Election Security Teams dispersed in key counties

-Nationwide training for Poll Workers in every state

-Nationwide Voter registration and scorecard distribution 

-Goal to plant new Act in Faith ‘salt and light’ chapters in churches and synagogues in every city in the nation!


Our core mission has always been to protect America and the freedoms our forefathers fought and delivered to the American people. 


For 20 years ACT for America has built a large and sophisticated grassroots engine to counter the left. We are the only organization with grassroots human capital presence in 97% of counties across America. While most conservative movements focus on education and influence at the top, our organization has always strategically structured and scienced out a top-down, bottom-up effective grassroots instrument of change. The Left understands and executes civic action with a scientific approach, filling every local government and political position they can to fight for change where change begins. The Right has sadly overlooked this local bottom-up approach to defend our nation from progressive ideologues who are rapidly overrunning our culture, our legal system, our economy, our health, and our governance and it’s high-time we all work together to push back and take background that we’ve unwittingly surrendered! 


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We hope you will agree that our organization is worthy of your hard-earned financial support in the months ahead, because we need your help now, more than ever! Nothing can stop us with patriots like you by our side! We need your time, talent, and treasure because it’s going to take all of us to save our country! 


Become a monthly supporter. Your monthly support goes a long way towards budgeting human resources so badly needed to make sure critical bills get passed across the country!


Together we rise in defense of our security, our liberty and our values and WIN!



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