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64 Days to Secure Our Elections! 


Together we are fighting to Secure Our Elections™ before the Midterms, which means passing sensible legislation to prevent breaches in our election security system.


We’ve helped pass 4 election integrity bills in the battleground state of Arizona in the past couple weeks!


ACT NOW Arizona HB2617, HB2237, HB2236, and SB1260. Sadly, Governor Ducey vetoed AZ HB2617 the following day, but we keep fighting!  This week we fight to ban drop boxes! 


We’ve now helped pass 34 election integrity bills, within the 2021/2022 state legislative session across 19 states.


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ACT for America is actively working on nearly 100 Election Integrity bills and the introduction of 130+ new bills in all 50 states. 


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Act for America 

Leading in Grassroots Action!

19,320,000 Total Actions 


Election Integrity Campaigns

5,918,000 Actions Taken!


Major Campaigns Include:

Exit WHO, 50 States, 3,740,000 Actions

Secure Our Borders*, 50 States, 2,645,000 Actions

Voter ID in Every State, 50 States, 1,220,000 Actions

Zuckerbucks, 33 States, 793,000 Actions

Stop Big Tech Censorship, 49 States, 488,000 Actions

New! Stop Ballot Harvesting and Trafficking, 49 States, 772,000 Actions 


Become a monthly supporter and fund dedicated staff to help secure our elections this year!


Together we rise in defense of our security, our liberty and our values and WIN!


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