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Important news just in case you missed it!

68 Election Reform Bills Passed in 30 States this 2021-2022 Session! 


We are proud to announce that we've helped pass 37 new essential election integrity bills since our last update, bringing us to 68 bills within the 2021/2022 state legislative session across 30 states.


State Grassroots is the key

to our success and how we 

Secure Our Elections!


Zuckerbucks Legislative Wins:


Zuckerberg funneled over $450 million to thousands of election jurisdictions in 48 states. Funding went to left-leaning swing counties, selectively driving voter turnout and election outcomes by as much as 30%!


We have helped pass a total of 24 bills in 24 states to prevent private funding within a 16-month period! The battle rages on as we campaign in the remaining 26 states to pass bills to affect the 2024 general election, with over 848,853 Direct-to-lawmaker emails to date. 

SIX NEW 2022 BILLS PASSED: Iowa HF2589; Missouri HB1878; Nebraska LB843; **Pennsylvania SB982; South Carolina S108; Utah DB0219.


2022: Alabama HB194; Indiana SB134; Kentucky HB153; Mississippi HB1365; Oklahoma HB3046; South Dakota SB122; Virginia SB80; West Virginia HB4097. 2021: **Arizona HB2569; Arkansas H1866; **Florida S90; **Georgia SB202; Idaho SB1168; Kansas HB2183/2332; North Dakota HB1256; Ohio HB110; Tennessee HB0996; **Texas SB7.


States passing legislation vetoed by the Governor include Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin (vetoed twice).


States unable to pass statewide bans have passed local county statutes including Wisconsin*: Walworth, Ozaukee, Kenosha, Winnebago, Iowa, Lafayette, Washington, Kewaunee, Oneida, Barron; Michigan: Livingston, Langlade.

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Voter ID and Citizenship Security Wins:


Alabama was the only state in the country to pass legislation to prevent illegals from voting in their state elections at the top of this year. 


Six states have passed Voter ID or Equivalent Proof of Citizenship and Legal forms of ID at the Polls to prevent illegals from accessing the polls including Arizona SCR1012/ H2492, Florida S144, Oklahoma H3365, Mississippi H1510, Tennessee H2128, Virginia H1140. We continue to campaign for legislation in the remaining 43 states to impact the 2024 general election.    

Ballot Harvesting and Trafficking Wins:


Ballot Harvesting and Trafficking is a major concern in securing our elections. We have isolated the top 5 ways to prevent this from occurring nationally: 1) No All-Mail Voting, 2) No Automatic Voter Registration, 3) STRICT Absentee Ballot Security Policy, 4) Strong Anti-Ballot Harvesting/Trafficking Laws and Enforcement, and 5) No Unsecured, Unsupervised Drop Boxes.


We helped pass 5 new bills as follows:

Strict absentee ballot requirements: New Hampshire S418 and Oklahoma S714; Strict Ballot Harvesting and Trafficking Security: Oklahoma H3321; Ban on Automatic Voter Registration: Arizona H2236; Early Vote Ballots Prohibited from Counting and Disclosing Until Election Day: Wyoming H52.  


Other Critical Election Integrity Wins:


Voter Roll Clean Up and Security:

We helped pass 10 new bills including Arizona H2243, S1260, S1477, S1460; Idaho S1351, H694; New Jersey A3819; Oklahoma H2976; and Virginia H55, S211.


Other Security, Audit Procedures, Accountability to Local Electors, Poll Watch Rights, and more include 13 new bills: Arizona S1411, S1362, S1329; Kansas H2252; Louisiana S74; New Hampshire S1174, H1496; New Jersey A3817; Rhode Island S2115; Tennessee S2674, H2483; and Utah S32, H387.


2022: Arizona HB 2492; Florida SB 524

2021: Alabama HB538; Arizona HB2054; Arizona HB2181; Arizona HB2307; Arizona HB2359; Arkansas HB1615; Arkansas HB1803; Arkansas HJR1005; Florida S0090; Idaho H0066; Texas SB1.


Act for America Legislative Agenda:

ACT for America is actively working on 218 calls for new bills to ban Zuckerbucks and Private Funding, Require Voter ID or Equivalent to prevent non-citizens from voting, and Ballot Harvesting and Trafficking Security. In addition, we continue to work on 130+ existing election integrity bills introduced in the 2021-2022 state legislative session in all 50 states. 


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