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Washington, DC, May 22, 2023 - Act for America, the leading national grassroots organization dedicated to promoting national security and preserving American values, is proud to announce significant achievements in its mission to ensure the integrity of elections across the United States. Through tireless advocacy and strategic partnerships, Act for America has successfully influenced the passage vital election integrity legislation in multiple states, safeguarding the democratic process and protecting the rights of American citizens.

Over the past year, Act for America has diligently worked in collaboration with state lawmakers, election officials, and concerned citizens to address the growing concerns surrounding election security and transparency. By championing evidence-based reforms and mobilizing grassroots support, Act for America has made significant strides in establishing stronger election safeguards, ensuring that every vote counts and the democratic process remains fair and transparent.

Key accomplishments of Act for America's election integrity initiatives include:

  1. Enacting Robust Voter ID Laws: Act for America has played a pivotal role in advocating for and successfully passing robust voter identification laws in several states. These laws require voters to present valid identification at the polls, safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process and reducing the risk of fraudulent voting.
  2. Strengthening Mail-In Voting Procedures: Recognizing the importance of secure and trustworthy mail-in voting, Act for America has worked closely with lawmakers to implement measures that strengthen the integrity of absentee and mail-in voting systems. These reforms include enhanced signature verification protocols, secure ballot drop-off locations, and increased transparency throughout the mail-in voting process.
  3. Enhancing Election Auditing: Act for America has been instrumental in promoting comprehensive post-election auditing measures to ensure accuracy and fairness. By advocating for risk-limiting audits, paper ballot backups, and enhanced audit procedures, Act for America has helped instill public confidence in the electoral process and bolstered transparency in the tabulation of votes.
  4. Combating Voter Fraud: Recognizing the importance of upholding the principle of "one person, one vote," Act for America has actively supported legislation to combat voter fraud. By advocating for measures such as verifying voter registration databases, strengthening penalties for fraudulent activities, and improving data sharing between states, Act for America has taken a proactive stance in preserving the integrity of the electoral system.

In celebrating these remarkable achievements, Act for America acknowledges the collaborative efforts of dedicated lawmakers, concerned citizens, and partner organizations who have shared the organization's commitment to preserving the fundamental principles of free and fair elections. Act for America is grateful for the trust and support received from all stakeholders involved in these successful endeavors.

As Act for America continues its work to safeguard the integrity of elections across the nation, the organization remains committed to ensuring that every eligible American's voice is heard, and their vote accurately counted. By advocating for responsible and effective election integrity legislation, Act for America aims to bolster public confidence in the democratic process, safeguard the nation's electoral system, and uphold the values that define America.

About Act for America: Act for America is the nation's leading grassroots organization dedicated to promoting national security and preserving American values. With a strong focus on protecting the democratic process, Act for America advocates for evidence-based election integrity legislation and mobilizes grassroots support to ensure the fairness and transparency of elections. For more information, visit