Legislative Victories 2023

ACT For America's grassroots influence resulted in over 117 Million actions and has contributed to the passage of 192 bills on the Federal and State level making ACT one of the most influential conservative movements in America today.


OHIO HB458 - legislation requiring a photo ID rather than using other government documents or utility bills, shortening the time for returning ballots and fixing errors in them (called “curing”), prohibiting curbside voting, and limiting ballot drop boxes to one per county. Passed/enacted 1/06/23.


ALABAMA SB10 - This bill prohibits the use of electronic vote counting systems that are capable of connection to the Internet or cell phone networks or that possess modem. Passed 2/10/23.


IDAHO H0124 – VOTERS -- Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding accepted voter identification at the polls. Passed/enacted 3/16/23.


MISSISSIPPI Senate Bill 2358 – the legislation bans ballot harvesting in the State of Mississippi. Signed/enacted 3/22/23


ARKANSAS SB255 - To Amend The Law Concerning The Allocation Of Election Expenses; And To Restrict The Source Of Election Funding. Signed/Enacted 3/24/23


SOUTH DAKOTA SB140 – Revise certain provisions relating to voter registration. Passed/enacted 3/27/23


MISSISSIPPI H.B. 1306 - revises “certain provisions about names of candidates appearing on the ballot, judicial candidate’s annual report, and fraudulent absentee voter applications.” Candidates running for all offices will be prevented from appearing on the ballot if they have not filed their campaign finance reports in the last 5 years. Signed/enacted 3/28/23 


IDAHO H0340 – VOTERS -- Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding voter identification and proof of residence. Passed/enacted 4/06/23.


ARKANSAS HB1513 bill that would require the state attorney general to establish and maintain an Election Integrity Unit. This bill would allow the attorney general to bring civil action against a person or entity believed to be "engaging, has engaged, or is about to engage in any act or practice declared unlawful" under state election laws. Signed/enacted 4/11/23


MISSISSIPI - H.B. 1310 allows for post-election audits, adds new tools for counties to conduct voter roll maintenance, provides additional election support funding for counties, and expands procedures to ensure only U.S. citizens vote. This bill purge voter rolls. Signed/enacted 4/19/23


MONTANA SB117 – This bill prohibits the private funding of election administration. Passed 5/1/23


TENNESSEE HB0854 – Allows a candidate to demand and receive a list of all voters who changed their residential address at the polling place; requires a recount to include the verification of any address of residence changed at the polling place. - Passed/enacted 5/3/23


ACT for America is actively pursuing election integrity and security through 100 + pieces of legislation or introduction of necessary legislation in all 50 states.