Legislative Victories 2021


ACT For America's grassroots influence resulted in the passage of 123 bills on the Federal and State level to date making it one of the most influential conservative movement in America today. 


Election integrity legislation:

Six election integrity bills have been signed into law!

Arizona HB 2054 – Remove deceased voters and convicted felons from voter rolls.
Arizona HB 2059 – Prevent private funding of election administration
Arizona HB 2905 – Requires individuals to request an early ballot, and bans the practice of sending every citizen a mail-in ballot.
Georgia 2020 – Voter ID requirement and others
Florida S90 – Voters must request ballots each cycle, additional voter ID and others.
Texas SB1- Voter ID requirements, extend voting hours, and others.


Stop Critical Race Theory legislation:

Seven Stop Critical Race Theory bills have been signed into law!

Arizona HB2898
Arkansas SB627
Idaho HB377
Iowa HF802
Oklahoma HB1775
Tennessee HB0580
Texas HB3979


Stop Big Tech Censorship:

The first bill passed and signed into law holding BIG TECH accountable!

Florida S7072 - This legislation gives the state election commission power to fine social media companies up to $250,000 a day for deplatforming candidates for statewide office and $25,000 per day for candidates for non-statewide offices and more.


STOP Vaccine Mandates legislation:

Six Stop Vaccine Mandate bills have been passed and signed into law.

Arkansas HB1547 – passed banning vaccination requirements
Kentucky HR5 – passed banning vaccination requirements
North Dakota HB 1511 – passed banning vaccine and passport mandates in the private and state sector.
West Virginia HB335 – passed banning vaccination requirements
Wisconsin AB1 – passed banning vaccination requirements
Utah HB0233 – passed banning vaccination requirements