Attend City Council & School Board Meetings

Attend City Council & School Board Meetings

 The most important thing to learn about politics is that all politics is local. Therefore, it is critical that ACT for America has a presence at city council and school board meetings. Our elected representatives need to see that we are visible and vocal. The clearest example of this is the city council meetings that ACT For America members attended to speak out against SB 54, a California sanctuary state law. As a direct result of people standing up to this dangerous legislation, a dozen cities have either joined a federal lawsuit against California or have opted out of SB 54. When we show up and speak out, we win.

Google your local City Council and School Board meetings

Make a plan to attend these meetings

Listening out for the following topics:

- Textbook reform
- Zoning and new construction
- Refugee resettlement
- Budget spending
- Homework complaints (religious or political discrimination)


- Pay attention to other citizens who speak out on issues
- Introduce yourself to like-minded neighbors

To be effective, attend meetings regularly