Conduct a Voter Registration Drive

Conduct a Voter Registration Drive

One of the most important things we can do to affect change is register voters. ACT For America has been able to pass bills on both the federal and state levels because of our relationships with elected officials. To continue our work, we need to continue electing national security minded representatives, who care about our issues. The fact of the matter is that voters who want open borders and chain migration will be at the polls. We must ensure that we turn out more voters, who want a secure border and to defend the Constitution.

Voter Registration Forms

- Google your local state voter registration office and ask what you need to do to register people to vote (some states have different requirements)
- Go to for additional information
- Visit the office to pick up voter registration forms

What to Bring to Your Event

- Voter registration forms
- Clipboards
- Black or blue pens (do not use pencils or other colored pens)
- Folder labeled “Completed Forms”

3.) Where to Register Voters

- Churches
- Sports events
- Gun shows/gun shops
- Festivals/fairs
- Grocery stores

How to Register Voters

- Verify all of the required fields on the voter registration form are complete

*Be aware that each state has different requirements: Some states require you to take a free class before you can register someone to vote*


- Set up your table in a public place or get permission from an owner
- Actively engage with people as they walk near your table

“Have you heard about the Open Eyes Save Lives campaign?”
“How do you feel about securing the border?”
“Do you feel safer after 9/11?”

- Introduce yourself and tell the person why you are there
- Ask if the individual is registered to vote at his current address

If not, say you can register him to vote (or update his address) right now
If yes, then tell him about ACT For America and the importance of voting in every election

Take Pictures

- Take pictures of people, especially while they are registering to vote and at your table
- Send photos to & include a caption

You can even ask them to pose with their completed registration forms

What to Do with the Completed Forms

- Record information into an Excel spreadsheet

First and last names
Home address

Email address (if applicable)
Phone number (if applicable)

- Return completed forms to the voter registration office


- Email spreadsheets to